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lol the nurse probably thinks she is ugly or something, and you screamed when you saw her hahaha.....Today, at work as a nurse, a patient screamed as soon as they saw me when i walked into the room. FML.

No worries, when I had to get a blood test, I had a panic attack, fainted and had to be carried out of the hospital. I still have to go back to get the test done.


i hold my mommy'shand. but im a kid lol

so if u screamed when she said hello what did you have left for the needle??

lmao! favorited

I love getting my blood drawn!!

Should've gone to me, I'm a licensed phlebotomist :) Needles really aren't that bad though. I took a class in phlebotomy and I had multiple first-timers drawing my blood the second day. Having an experienced nurse draw it is nothing.

I always look at the needle when it's going in idk why lol

it's okay, I had to get blood drawn last week too. D: I held my five year old sisters hand while laying down, crying. but it's okk, the nurse gave me a lollipop. :D

my guess faint #15

I watched myself get knee surgery needles are nothing

Coming home with eight pricks: bad day at phlebotomy class, or a good night at the bar?! ;)

#56 aww haha, it couldn't have been THAT bad. I have good veins but they aren't visible at all. Most people have one you can see but everyone was always sooo nervous to draw from me so that made me 100x more nervous! I loved the class though. Yay blood.

what the hell is wrong with you.

18, we have that in common, thoug since I break so many bones needled usually mean morphine :) I'm 14

I haven't got a shot in that bad?

51. I'll give you a lollipop...

that's not an fml. with the disease I have, I get blood drawn every other day.

lmaoo PRICELESS [!]

jearojas 4

wow that sucks. I remember when I first started donating blood it was kind of scary but now it's kind of interesting at least for me. and I have a thing where I must see the needle go in.

I have a phobia of needles too. :( Except I don't scream like a lil b*tch, lol.

lol me too. x(

you would, captain :)

edit that !!! right now!

you're so mean :( DAMN you.

lmfaoo oh gawd sad thing is.. this happened to me lolzzz :3

your so blonde that you forgot that this was your FML...

lol dnt worry my sister is also afraid n she made 3 lil 4yr olds cry

lol the nurse probably thinks she is ugly or something, and you screamed when you saw her hahaha.....Today, at work as a nurse, a patient screamed as soon as they saw me when i walked into the room. FML.

ahah, thats crap .. but wouldnt you scream at like .. people with chainsaws ?? not nurses with needles ? -_+

it says nothing about boy/girl. but then again, FML probably fixed it...

omg are you serious op? you girl!

if you look, the OP IS a girl. and methinks you're stereotyping.

Actually, guys are much worse when it comes to getting blood drawn.

34, you haven't met me then. I'm worse than ALL people I know when it comes to getting blood taken, and most guys are just like pshhhhh it wasn't that bad, wuss.

29, that's the whole joke you dumbass...

that sounds dilightful. especially if the lamp was brocken

Um, wow. Blood work hurts for barely a second, and it really shouldn't at all if they do it right. All you have to do is look away from the procedure and think happy thoughts. Get a grip, OP.

Then no one's ever done it right on me. I have roll-y, blow-y veins, *and* I always get the ladies who are already cranky. :[ I come home black and blue every time. Usually I don't really care because it's short-term pain, but my post-op hospital stay sucked ass. They'd never believe me when I said my veins blew till I was in agony and itching like mad. By the time they'd figure out I was right, the Benadryl drip had inevitably been pooling into and burning the crap out of my arm for awhile. >:|

You don't understand, he is afraid of needles. This would be a living hell for OP.

As someone who is needle phobic I can tell you that just staying calm and holding still for blood tests is completely exhausting. Op, work on the phobia with a therapist, try to develop a routine for the procedure that will allow you to stay calm. I have to get blood work done every six months, I print out what I need the nurse to do and hand it to them when I arrive. I've had a couple of experiences where they have completely ignored what I've told them and I have had panic attacks and had to reschedule but for the most part they will follow instructions.

Get over yourself, it's a needle, unless previously used by a druggie it won't kill you YDI

You do realise that it's the reuse of infected needles not the reuse of drug needles that kills you? I bet there are millions of "lethal needles" lying around that have been nowhere near a drug user.

I think he was just making a point that unless it's been used before, it's probably not gonna kill you.