By Mark - 06/06/2012 02:21 - United States

Today, it was the last day of school, and I said goodbye to one of my students. She then told me how to correctly pronounce her name. I'd said it wrong all year. FML
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Sooo, why did she wait for the end of the school year to correct you?

Lizza330 28

It's not your fault. She should've corrected you.


Sooo, why did she wait for the end of the school year to correct you?

If she didn't care all year I don't see the problem. YDI for whining

unknown_user5566 26

The problem is borne from the fact that some educators actually care about their students as individuals- OP is obviously one of them. Pronouncing someone's name wrong for an entire school year would make me feel bad, too.

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A few moments ago there was a comment above mine, aside from #1, but it seems to have disappeared. Sorry if my comment looks a bit random as a response to #1. :)

I don't think that's your fault. Should have corrected you sooner. Damn kids, be gone!

I'm sure she didn't. this happened to me. you tell them again and again but then you give up because they just dint get it. my name is rimshah. it's pronounced just the way it's spelled yet iv been called amsham, rinshaw and ramshin.

Well it seems that OP actually was willing to make an effort, so I'm just assuming that she didn't tell him. He seemed pretty bummed to hear that he had it wrong.

It doesn't always matter whether or not you correct them. My 8th grade science teacher pronounced mine wrong the whole year and I corrected her almost everyday.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Well, you have to remember that the teacher has 100+ students, depending on what grade and class they teach. I'm not saying that the teacher shouldn't pay attention to the people they teach, but it's inevitable that a teacher won't remember every single one of her students ALL the time. They should make an effort though.

I corrected my Spanish teacher almost every day last year, but she still called me Ashley instead of Ashlyn. The N is not silent...

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aleeshttylXD 9


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Every teacher I've ever had has asked me about correct pronunciation the first time they met me. If he said it wrong all year, obviously he said it more than once & she had the opportunity to correct him. I've known some kids who are assholes & waited until the last day to purposely make the teacher feel bad.

That's the students fault, not the OP's fault. My name is Adesuwa (add-a-sue-wa) and people pronounce it wrong all the time (a-day, Addie, add-e-wa-si, etc) all you have to do is correct them a couple times... If the student didn't like how you were pronouncing their name, they should've mentioned it right from the beginning of the year.

Because It's A) Funner Seeing The Teacher Sound Stupid To Your Friends Or B) She's Too Shy. Like Me.

littlegold 7

One of my friends called me a name so similar to my name they could have been identical but he mixed up a letter... The reason i didnt tell him. It was so close to my name I didn't notice till 2 years after.

Almost all my teachers say my name wrong. They pronounce it Fell-ee-see-uh instead of Fuh-lee-shuh. I corrected each one multiple times, and most of them got it, but there are still a few that pronounce it wrong every day.

My last day of school is soon, and I was thinking of telling all of my teachers how to say may name because they all say it differently. Only reason I'm waiting is because I feel rude when I correct them.

TayonaC 10

People butcher my name. It's tay- yawn-uh. My teacher called me Tayonc'e before... Now, I repsond to any name that has Tay or ona in it ._.

doglover100 28

She should have told him on the first day instead of the last.

My friend Rhys (pronounced Reece) has tricked my music teacher into thinking its pronounce Rise. Its pretty common for kids to try to trick teachers on names.

Lizza330 28

It's not your fault. She should've corrected you.

Thanks, Captain Obvious! Your job here is done.

Lizza330 28

No need to be rude.

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He said thanks..

caplox 6

She* sorry.

8- Yeah, in a rude way.

Oi vey. I was blunt. Give me a death sentence for being sarcastic, will ye?

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Thanks for clarifying that for us Chief Sarcasm(#4)..

22, I've no idea what you're on about, mate.

That's what I said >:|

Let's stop calling each other names. It results in a bunch of thumbs down.

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4 - Thanks sergeant sarcasm

TayonaC 10

After a few times it gets old. Ove corrected teachers all year and they still forget. Now I don't even care. As long as I hear tay or ona in a name, I'll respond

Well that's her fault for not telling you at the beginning of the year

TWO captains? Wow. It's a miracle!

Theres nothing wrong with her comment.

I didn't see the other comments before I wrote that...

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18- Whoever that is seems to be trolling comments and calling them "captain obvious".

I guess I'm captain obvious as well... Oh well, rather obviously then a trolling douche bag.

Trolling? Hmph.

I wish you would get over yourself, 62. It's not that obvious that OP doesn't deserve it if the FYL's and YDI's are almost the exact same.

65, because those are so accurate.

caplox 6

At least you won't see her again..

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I don't think that's the point.

She can have her next school year

wow. she must have wanted to make you feel like a total shitbag.

would that make her the shitbag for making him feel like one? suspense!

Yeah she's weird for not correcting you sooner. She just wanted to make you feel bad on the last day. What a bitch that student is. Well sounds like she could be from my school.

nofearjenshere 12

^ Or mine, haha.

Well really guys, she probably waited till the end of the year to tell OP so she could laugh with her friends about OP always mispronouncing her name. Think teenagers, guys.

Mister_Triangle 21

The same thing happened to me, only it was my last name. I didn't correct my teacher for a few reasons: I thought he taught my sister the year before, so was doing on purpose as a joke and because teachers have mispronounced it my whole school life that I stopped caring.

nofearjenshere 12

^ Now I am curious to know what it is. Haha.

If she wanted you to pronounce it right she would have done after you said it wrong the first time.

blondebrunette11 4

Well Indian people are sometimes shy.. They have some complicated names.

egc573 40

That was deliberate on the student's part. I remember when I was in high school, a lot of my friends talked about the things they were going to do or say to people on the very last day. Only something like 10% of them ever went through with it. And if you're a teacher who's been around a while, you've had to remember hundreds of names by now. One out of that many isn't bad. Especially when it's not your fault.

Meh. No point now really... Why remember just to forget? It's summer break now, and who knows if you'll see her again next year?

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Not your fault, OP. Similar situations have happened to me with my students. If I see a name that I'm even a little uncertain about now, I always ask for the pronunciation right away.

My name is Elise. People always spell it as Elisa or pronounce it as Elsee.