By Anonymous - 13/11/2010 23:00 - Canada

Today, I found that my "lesbian" best friend and roommate is now dating the guy I've been trying to get a date with for weeks. FML
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You should also put quotations around the "best friend" part.


then she's not lesbian lol

I_be_darn 3

Oh so true...

That's why "lesbian" is in quotation marks. (Unless it had to be edited, in which case I agree)

OrginalOwen 0

you mean she was your " partner "? if not then that blows some guys go for lebians I guess

rallets 22

#1 is Captain Obvious

I've been told that there really isn't such a thing as a "lesbian" haha jkjk

takethesebrokenw 0

or he's not really a guy.

61 and your his sidekick...

iSitt 0

a coworker during a business trip asked me if I've ever done it with lesbians. I said "by definition, no." he dropped the subject. I wonder to this day if he was about to invite me to an orgy.

op is probably fugly.

Maybe she just told you she is lesbian because she wanted to hookup with you, since you look like a guy.

you all fail, obviously shes bi

Duh! Hence, the quotes genius!

HentaiBunny 4

I'm assuming you're one of those douches that makes her hella uncomfortable with sexual pressure. Ydi.

Why would you asume that?

Fortuitous 0

Everyone knows what you get for assuming. Thanks, dear.

Yeah. You make an ass of you and Ming. Poor Ming.

Fortuitous 0

Yeah, the Ming Dynasty was also the era of donkeys. Double whammy.

Indeed it was, good sir, but let us never forget the unimaginable tasks that laid ahead of those brave living souls of the Ming Dynasty in times ago, as it is they who paved the way for the Dynasties that came afterwords, they will be remembered, not for what they did, or who they are, but for who they made us.

Clench, my is blown.

Fortuitous 0

Whenever we're on a roll like this, someone always swoops in and takes the golden trophy adorned with diamonds for themselves. O.o

I assume that people who make assumptions are stupid.

lalagirl912 0

that's hella stupid.. yea, southpark line.

adorkable_spazz 0

You look like you're a wanna-be Lady Gaga...

DudeImBetter 0

and you look like a wanna-be hater 87.

adorkable_spazz 0

I didn't mean it in a hateful way. I love Lady Gaga.

fuck both you guys. :D I hate. :)

kyuhyunn 0

you know hentai translates to PERVERT in English; are you a perverted bunny?

YDI for not experimenting with her.

cdatribe23 0


try harder next time (:

negative thoughts with the word harder. :/

ydi for liking men

You should also put quotations around the "best friend" part.

I agree with #8 A real best friend wouldn't do that.

mintcar 9

Hahahahaha, I'm so sorry. Haha.

xLil_Mx 0

The heart wants what the heart wants

If she is a lesbian, don't worry about it. Maybe they're just friends or she is experimenting.