By snowman - United States
Today, my city got almost a foot of snow. When I went out to my car, it was covered in snow with a layer of ice underneath. I went to open the trunk to get the window scraper, when the snow that had collected on the top of my back window slid into my trunk. My laptop was the recipient of most of the snow. FML
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  fledishchelo  |  0

kk first of all op that not alot of snow and if u want to see alot of snow just come up here to Canada, and second of all one in or cm watev u said of snow won't effect ur laptop just saying and I don't no haters


72 - Not hating, just pointing out the flaw there.
Snow WILL hurt anything electronic not in proper casing as it is frozen water. Water and electronics do not mix. Basic technological knowledge. Ever drop a phone in a toilet? Same deal.

  tencentsakiss  |  19

I actually dropped my cell phone in a running washing machine full of water and detergent and it took me a while to find it. After taking it apart and drying it, it works fine. That being said however, 99% of the people I know that have dropped their phones in water have destroyed them, I just got really really lucky, so I'm not trying to argue with you. I'm pretty sure this would have destroyed a laptop, those things are considerably more fragile than cell phones.


Snow isn't that fun. I fell asleep in my Mom's car one time on the way home from a Christmas party, and my family left me in the car. I'm a deep sleeper.
My baby brother, 3 at the time, was fascinated with my heels and took them in the house without anyone noticing.
I woke up at 2AM in a freezing cold car and had to walk to the house barefoot in the snow.
So, I'm scarred for life when it comes to snow.
That is all.