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Today, I went swimming with this guy I like at dammed river. While we were jumping off the dam, I decided to try to impress him by doing a front flip. I didn't jump far enough off, so when I went to flip, my face skidded down the concrete wall. FML
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That must have hurt in so many different ways. FYL.

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Ouch. :| But that was kind of your own fault. :/

but i dont understand how it was her face :S wouldnt it be the back of her head if she was doing a front flip??

No, she would be facing the dam in a front flip as she reached a half rotation... think of it this way. Stand with your back to a wall, then do a handstand, and notice your now facing the wall. Anyways, I'm still calling a fake on this one, it doesn't seem right. Unless the OP freaked out at the last second, went to do a regular dive and lost momentum. Otherwise, on a curved dam, attempting a front flip, she would have had enough momentum to at least bring her into a regular dive position, and then some. She would have landed on the back of her head or on her back.

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OP left an impression, to bad it wasn't a good impression.

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That must have hurt in so many different ways. FYL.

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ouch. make sure you put heaps of aloe on it.

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she didn't swear? a dammed river is a river that has a dam in it. -_-.

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HAHAHHAHA. "wash out your mouth!" she didnt cusss... the cuss word is spelt D A M N, thank you very much

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I think it was a joke, guys.

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Owww. Mental Images. Im laughing and feeling pain even though it didnt happen to me. Haha YDI for not being careful. But then again FYL for the pain

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Hahaha, that's what I want to know :D

Shit that must've hurt like hell. Neither one of you was very smart for jumping off a concrete dam though.

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Oww. Have you learned nothing from other FMLs involving impressing someone

Yeah, I agree. If there's ONE thing I've learned from FML, it's to never go to an extreme to impress someone hahaha. OP: normally I'd say YDI for being dumb, but that just sounds painful and I sympathize too much. So... I clicked both. xD