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That must have hurt in so many different ways. FYL.

So, was he impressed?


Ouch. :| But that was kind of your own fault. :/

but i dont understand how it was her face :S wouldnt it be the back of her head if she was doing a front flip??

No, she would be facing the dam in a front flip as she reached a half rotation... think of it this way. Stand with your back to a wall, then do a handstand, and notice your now facing the wall. Anyways, I'm still calling a fake on this one, it doesn't seem right. Unless the OP freaked out at the last second, went to do a regular dive and lost momentum. Otherwise, on a curved dam, attempting a front flip, she would have had enough momentum to at least bring her into a regular dive position, and then some. She would have landed on the back of her head or on her back.

No #90, it would have been her face.

OP left an impression, to bad it wasn't a good impression.

That must have hurt in so many different ways. FYL.

OUCH. hope it doesn't leave a scar :T

i rather doubt it

YDI for being stupid

ouch. make sure you put heaps of aloe on it.

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she didn't swear? a dammed river is a river that has a dam in it. -_-.

HAHAHHAHA. "wash out your mouth!" she didnt cusss... the cuss word is spelt D A M N, thank you very much

I think it was a joke, guys.

A terrible one at that.

Owww. Mental Images. Im laughing and feeling pain even though it didnt happen to me. Haha YDI for not being careful. But then again FYL for the pain

So, was he impressed?

Hahaha, that's what I want to know :D

Shit that must've hurt like hell. Neither one of you was very smart for jumping off a concrete dam though.

Oww. Have you learned nothing from other FMLs involving impressing someone

Yeah, I agree. If there's ONE thing I've learned from FML, it's to never go to an extreme to impress someone hahaha. OP: normally I'd say YDI for being dumb, but that just sounds painful and I sympathize too much. So... I clicked both. xD