By Anonymous - 19/08/2015 06:32 - Canada - Regina

Today, I found out the girl I met online, who I spent hours talking to every day for the past 2 months, and who I fell in love with is actually my gay roomate. He says if I could fall in love with "her", I can fall in love with him. It doesn't work that way, dickhead. FML
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Your roommate sounds like a real pain in the ass

Your roommate needs to understand that dating is personality COMBINED with attraction physically. If you are straight it just can't work.


Your roommate sounds like a real pain in the ass

IAmzephyr 22

only if he's a top

notorious_me 13

No his roommate soulds like he can cause real pain in the ass

just wondering have you ever watch catfished? next time have the person Skype you. sorry bro

assurant 12

you should give him a pet hamster and once he loves it you should kill it and leave the remains on his pillow.

mariathehoe 15

I think you need to talk to your roommate

He's been doing that for a while...

OPs roommate thinks that as a date.

I guess he literally is a dickhead

Unless he 'literally' has a dick strapped to his forehead unicorn-style, I think not.

... That mental image is so very amusing.

This I've got to see

Twisted_Killjoy 23

And 'straight' to the favorites...

I'd look into finding a new roommate

I'm surprised there aren't more comments from butthurt SJW's about OP being a "homophobe". Damn I hate those comments on every FML involving gay people.

Your roommate needs to understand that dating is personality COMBINED with attraction physically. If you are straight it just can't work.

I don't think it 'just can't work'. Unlikely sure, but I think for some people it's personality that's important and the rest of it just kinda comes afterwards, even if they weren't expecting they would consider themselves straight until they found the right person. Technically, bisexuality or pansexuality or something else I suppose, but heterosexuality is the 'default norm' so it wouldn't surprise me if some people just considered themselves straight because they've never really considered anything else before. Either way, this was a dick move by the roommate though. Gay, straight or whatever else, relationships shouldn't be built on lies.

GrapeJuice67 17

You can't force someone to like you either, plain and simple.

cynthianicole95 9

#46 That's not how bisexuality/pansexuality works.

ninety 25

I don't think people consider themselves straight because they "never considered anything else." I think most straight people consider themselves straight because they're physically attracted to the opposite sex, plain and simple. And/or because the thought of another guy's dick in their ass is a total turn off. Shocking.

This is definitely an FYL, but to all the people saying that it could never work out because he's straight, there are now scientific studies proving that even straight men can become aroused by other straight men (and vice versa with straight women). Sexuality is fluid. And if he "fell in love" with this girl, then it is possible for the guy. I'm not saying that he has to attempt a relationship, because I'd certainly be pissed off by the lying and tricks; however, it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility, assuming one keeps an open mind.

I have no problem with gay people but crap that would suck and piss me off to no end

PePziNL 20

It would suck you off?

I'm gay and this pisses me off.

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Why do you have to say that? Does it matter if you have a problem with gay people or not?

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his roommate might like it kind of rough like that.

Manti Te'o, is that you?

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