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Today, my wicked mother has been with us for a week. She's already thrown away my daughter's favorite toy, broke my computer, scratched my oak table, stained my most expensive shirt, peed in our bed, and called the attention of the cops by staring at kids in school. She's staying for three months. FML
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Thank you for all your comments, it made me laugh for the first time in a week. Answering your questions, she's 67, in good health, and apart from a bad knee and weak bladder, she'll be around for many years, living independently. Her family is full of centenarians (FML again). She's neither senile nor mentally ill, but she came from an European aristocratic family (technically, she's a baroness), grew up with 12 personal servants, married into a very wealthy - but plebeian - family, and together they squandered every little penny they had. She divorced and had to raise three kids on her own, in relative poverty (one servant is not enough), had to work for a living (how shameful!), and poured all her frustration and bitterness on us. Of her three kids, the one that lives closest to her is 5000 miles away. I confronted her many times on what she thinks about that, if she says that it's wonderful, because she can travel more. She insists on spend three months with each of us, and three months on her city. We have no choice but to oblige, otherwise she manages to make our lives even more hellish. She got to the point of denouncing my brother-in-law for an nonexistent domestic violence episode to the police, from 8000 miles away. She does not have pure evil intent in her actions. The thing is, the only thing she's interested in is herself and her reputation. She doesn't care for our stuff, our lives or our emotions, she doesn't pay attention to anyone (she called her sister on Skype while I was talking to her), and the only thing that grabs her attention is gossip, so she can start blabbing how much better than the others she is. She's just a vain and vacuous self-absorbed ex-rich girl that happened to get old. Think Paris Hilton. For those saying that I should kiss her feet because she carried me for nine months and suffered for my birth, here it goes: she demanded a general anesthetic for all births, had a boob job and a tummy tuck on the same surgery I was born, and only saw me when I was a month old. She only turned into a hands-on mother when she got flat broke and had to fire the nannies. But no worries. I made sure for her that this is my home, so my rules apply. She's trying to behave. Oh, my husband is a saint with infinite patience, and excuses her for everything. And my mother-in-law is the best person I've ever met, and compensated for all the hurt my mother inflicted. :)

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It's your house and your family. Set some ground rules for her, or tell her to leave.

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Well at least you sound like you turned out better than she did. Glad you're laying out the ground rules and she's trying to comply. I don't think I could stand being raised like that if I were growing up. I know my family irritates me but they get me through some rough times. Good luck to you for the next three months.


You don't say. What a waste of first comment.

Not really, the OP is adult enough to have her own place and kids, she's adult enough to tell her mother to act proper or GTFO.

It's your house and your family. Set some ground rules for her, or tell her to leave.

Considering she peed in the bed, I don't really think that's the problem. She seems a bit senile.

Peeing the bed is the only sign of becoming senile? Well gosh darn, I had better check myself into an old folks home pronto.

31 - I had a nice giggle at your comment until only now when I realized your username is probably pronounced "Welsh-ight" not a different way. -.-

I mean yeah this is pretty bad and hard to put up with. But how much of your shit did your mom put up with when you were a kid?

98, Massive difference here. The mother made the decision to have a child, knowing fully well that kids would cause problems on a regular basis. The OP didn't "choose" to have a mother. The way this is supposed to work is that the parents make the conscious decision of having a child, then have to be prepared for all the shit that their kid will do later on. That's part of the deal. They don't get to create a kid, then take revenge for all the things the kid will do.

It sad how fast we like to through out the old in this culture. Is this a malicious old lady we are talking about here? Or an older lady who can't help but be on the was messing things up now that her prime has left her?

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111- What profound language was that?

I think I understand what you were trying to say 111, but I'm not quite sure. =

My parents told me when I got my house they would come over to my house and open ever box of cereal, leave glasses and dishes every where. Track dirt and mud into the house. And you know what happen when I got my house. Re read above! FML

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Sounds like an older female version of Fuller from Home Alone.

2- Definitely right. If she was actually doing this on pupose, throw her out or tell her to calm the f*** down. If she keeps doing it, throw her out. Its that simple.

Kick her out, but then family get together will be awkward.

Casually giver her a room key to a motel or something.

If she's doing all these things on purpose, you have every right to kick her out and sever ties.

54 The way things are going for OP, paying for a hotel would probably be cheaper. Hang in there, OP - it can't last forever!

I wouldn't suggest that, she'd probably just eat it.

3, when are family reunions not at least somewhat awkward on some scale?

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error404n0tf0und 21

I know that, I was just saying that as I found it interesting and thought op might laugh, isn't that what the site is for?

Nope, this site is not to state unrelated facts. dad = dad backwards, did you find that interesting? Also Allan, my apologies i didn't see your comment when I responded.

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it wasn't unrelated though was it? and quite honestly, if all you are going to use this site fir is argue then who are you to say what the site is for?

And why is she still staying with you? Give her rules that she has to follow and of she doesn't.... see ya!

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Why is she like that? Is she handicapped or something? Or just really wants to make your life hell? I'm sorry to hear about the pain she's already causing. I wonder if you'll still have a house in 3 months?!

OP's mom would probably sell it and buy them a house near her's or force them to move in with her or something just don le her offer to babysit your child

Did u mean mother or mother in law? Why would a mother do such things to their kids? Sorry buddy.

Not all mother-in-laws are evil and not all mothers are sweet. You'd be surprised what a parent can do to his/her child, and the scars (emotional and/or physical) can last a lifetime.

I'm glad that your relationship with your mother is apparently so awesome but it's definitely not the case for a lot of people. Some parents do not treat their kids well. Please don't make generalisations when you don't know other people's circumstances because not everybody had a fantastic childhood.

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you know an evil mother in law is somebody's mother.

A mother is statistically the parent that engages in child abuse a majority of the time.

My mother tried to throw me out of my house for not being straight. Parents can be horrible to their children.

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I have never understood the concept of evil mother in laws. Both of my parents love their mother in laws, and they are the sweetest people I know. Obviously that can't be the case for everyone, but in my family and circle of friends, everyone loves their in-laws.

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I foresee your significant other spending a lit of time away from home this winter, perhaps working double shifts. Living with your mother sounds like cruel and unusual punishment.