Friendzone 2.0

By NeverNumberOne - / Monday 23 April 2018 01:30 /
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  routerere  |  10

Hey, sometimes even people we think we know might turn out to be complete strangers. Sometimes they turn out to be gay or straight or a Colombian drug Lord.

By  Chazzster  |  19

Some people are friend-zoned and some people put themselves into the friend-zone when they really hope for more.

I guess it can feel less risky to our egos to act like we’re “just a friend” when we really want more. But with maturity comes the realization that honesty and openness from the beginning is ultimately the best choice.

Just don’t try to jump too quickly in the levels of a relationship - That can easily scare off the person we are interested in. Learn to read the signs that show how the other person thinks of you, that is a very important skill. You can lose by going too slow, apparently like OP in this case. And you can lose by going too fast and coming off like a crazy stalker.

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