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Today, the guy who sits next to me in my psychology class openly admitted to torturing animals as a child. It's going to be a long semester. FML
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"Hi! My name is Bob and I torture animals! Nice to meet you!"

Future serial killer in the making? I'm probably watching too many crime dramas, but supposedly that doesn't bode well.


NOOOOOO! Those poor animals. Oh, hopefully he won't torture you too.

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stab him with a needle with std's inside.. jk

No, do it. he tortured animals, now make his parents loose trust in him.

thx. I can't stand people saying loose meaning lose.

I hope you don't LOOSE your temper. :D

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tell him your a molester that will maybe even it out

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A molester that will even it out? What kind of molester is that??

Openly admitted to torturing animals? I'm curious now as to what kind of torture he was referring to. :/

guillotine, tasers, watching twilight, hidingthe remote. sick shit

"Hi! My name is Bob and I torture animals! Nice to meet you!"

Hi! My name is Sally. I'm a little bit sadistic. Though, I prefer torturing humans than animals. I hope we could know each other better from now on!

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Hi! I'm Faith. I molest elderly people and the disabled. Want to visit the nursing home with me new BFF??

Nice to meet you Faith, Sally, and Bob! Im Tera, I'd love to be your new BFF! I throw babies off of two story building fir the hell of it! I think were gonna be great friends!

didn't need that image in my head 0.o

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I saw EVERY one of your described scenarios in my head 0.0

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Hi! My name is Ruby, I enjoy seeing natural disasters overpower people and send them into panic. I love distraction, explosions and shooting.

Hello! Im Ryan. I cut peoples necks open and pull out their hearts. I like the skittle flavored ones the most! Want to come over sometime and see my "thrown off a two story building" dead baby collection?

Hello everyone! I'm Electra and I enjoy playing with wires and small infants. Oh, it's such a joy to watch their little bodies sieze and stiffen as volt after volt passes through their tiny, defenseless, little bodies. Maybe we should all meet up some time!

Future serial killer in the making? I'm probably watching too many crime dramas, but supposedly that doesn't bode well.

You're thinking of one "leg" of the so-called "Macdonald triad." The Macdonald triad consists of three childhood behaviors that are supposedly found in future sociopaths, including serial killers: torturing small animals, firesetting, and persistent bedwetting (enuresis) past the age of five. It captures the imagination because it's so neat and compact, and in particular has gained rather a lot of traction with law enforcement. Unfortunately the correlation is pretty far from perfect, and subsequent papers have tended to disprove Macdonald's research.

Blahh blahh blahh MCDONALDS!!!!! I am soo from America.

there's a game on the iPhone where the serial killer when he was little tortured animals as a kid...

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You haven't watched too many crime drama shows. The DSM-V does talk about this as a symptom of sociopathy, and I agree that this doesn't bode well.

maybe that's his cry for help!!! he needs help before he actually hurts some one!!

considering he tortured animals as a kid, he already did hurt someone... animal torture is just as horrible as any other torture.

RinaRina that's not really true there's a higher population of animals than humans so theyre more expendable and animals probably don't feel pain like humans

Uh oh, we got a PETA member on our hands...

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I hit yes when I moderated this. does that mean I'm part of the reason it made it to the site? jw. and OP, I hope the authorities look into him, just bc it's in a psychology class doesn't mean he shouldn't be investigated... FYL

Not necessarily.... As small children many people did terrible things to animals just to see what would happen. For example, when I was very young and I caught a frog, I was waving it around to show it off when I accidentally squeezed it so hard it's guts fell out its mouth. For some reason, my four year old brain found this incredibly funny, so I caught more frogs and did this again and again. Now I am a vegetarian and an animal lover. Doing terrible things as children does not neccasarily make you a bad person or a phycopath, it could mean your brain was to immature to process the fact that the animals felt pain too.

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so? my dad told me he used to torture animals with his friends for fun as a kid, than went into detail about what he did. my friends thought it was funny and wanted to try a few of them, maybe I should writ an fml. one of the things he did was fill four nut shells with tar and stick it under a cats paws.

That's really sick. Don't you have a heart..?

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You cried a lot as a small child, didn't you?

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WTF is wrong with you?! that is sick too much chlorine in your water?!

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Not everybody has Richard Kuklinski as a father.

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why's everyone saying he's sick...he's talking about did dad and writing an fml on how his dad & friends tortured animals and told him about is that sick of the comment writer?

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Wtf, your dad is a heartless psycho. come on, who does that to innocent kitties! :(


wtf is wrong with him? he is a sick man