By notmyfault - United States - Bloomington
Today, I found out why this crazy bitch slashed the tires of my car to prevent me from going to my exam. It's because I'm supposedly the curve setter for the class and she wants to get into medical school without me fucking it up for her. FML
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By  pphead  |  5

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  stangbang92  |  17

Most aren't babying you but as I have two associate degrees I can attest some of the tests have things in them that were never covered. And if your solution is just to "study" (to include things the teacher doesn't cover) You obviously weren't taking much more than one class per semester.


Just think, if it wasn't her, it could've been someone else. I hope you aced the exam then filed a police report, a claim with your insurance, restraining order, and found a lawyer to sue...

By  Mathalamus  |  24

curve setter? so someone is upset over you scoring so high that they adjusted the curve, making their grades worse? i dont even understand what a curve is supposed to do, but im sure slashing tires is an overreaction.

  cheeeksss  |  29

Yeah so basically the curve setter influences the class's average score. And if the average score is high enough, that girl's score (assuming it's low) will not be boosted. Curves help boost people's grades when the class average is low.

  Mathalamus  |  24

well. i would be pissed off if the grades were curved if the class average was high. its basically punishing everyone because one guy did a little too good.

  cheeeksss  |  29

Well not really "punishing" because you end up with the grade you really got. But I know what you mean. I always love curves because I'm never the curve setter lmao.

  foxy_grampa  |  19

All professors and teachers can have different ways of curving too. This one might take the highest grade (OP's grade) and make that the new 100% giving everyone else the difference between what he really got and 100. But there are other ways to curve too, curves are always nice because they add points to your grade but apparently this girl wants more than just a couple points

  PhoenixChick  |  26

I don't think you quite understand. They don't score harder. If a student gets a perfect score, they just set the curve so that a 100% is a perfect score. If the top scorer gets a 75% on the exam, then a 75% is scored like a 100% and everything else is bumped up from there. This system is used to compensate for an exam having been made unexpectedly too difficult for students, or a new teacher who isn't good at preparing students.

In other words, this gal should study harder, not try to bump off everyone above her who proves that the exam isn't too difficult.

  EyRaB  |  17

When I was in university the bell curve grading always helped me because say the average was 60%, and the average needed was 70% in a course, but I scored 80%, which meant I got bumped up 10% (along with all other students) and ending with 90% in the course :) it's only fair that way.

however one time I took a course where the average was 50% but one asshole got 99%, meaning the test wasn't impossible, so nobody got bumped up. imagine how angry 200 students were...

  wobbly1  |  16

Curves are wrong in any school and even more so in medical school. Do you want a doctor that graduates with a true A working on you or one that graduates with a curved A where 20% could be an A. True no-brainer for me. Everyone should get the grade they earned not one adjusted so they can pass.

  katachristic  |  19

#75, the curve is the way the professor balances problems with assignments and exams. A lot of times the instructions are unclear or the number of problems on the test aren't appropriate for the amount of time given. This means that students with better test taking strategies can often do better than students who actually understand the material.

  horta254  |  4

what country is that practice a thing? I'm in engineering school and I never heard of that stuff... And I have courses with averages 6/20 on some tests.. and like 30/40% people pass the courses each semester..

  mariri9206  |  32

But, first, the lights will flicker off and on.

  LostInTheZone11  |  28


By  blackonblight  |  32

So she's saying her scores aren't good enough unless she gets a curve in her favour? And this should earn her med school? Wow. Also, not sure the criminal record looks great to med school...

By  Geckosrock99  |  33

If you know who did it, press charges, OP. What she did is destruction of property and not okay. I get that she's stressed, but if she's in medical school, she's an adult. She should have handled it like an adult, not pull childish crap like that.