By moosemay - 14/01/2016 15:05 - Germany - Dittelbrunn

Today, my husband taught our son how to pee while standing. His aim is as poor as my husband's, but I guess now they can blame their mess on each other. FML
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Make them clean up their own messes together


Oyas12 14

damnit! just thought of that, lol. gg

@6 You didn't instantly think of that pin? You gotta be kidney me.

doctor__who 19

I guess you could say his aim is piss poor.

fyl. hopefully you have two restroom. praying for op.

That's messed up. Your husband is the adult and should be teaching his child.

zeffra13 31

He can't really teach things he doesn't know

Make them clean up their own messes together

That's a whole new level of dedication to not cleaning up a dribble mess. Well played, dad.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree now does it? Or should I say the pee doesn't land far from the toilet...

mermaidkeels 26

If he taught him how to pee, he should also teach him how to clean up after himself.