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  foxwasalamb  |  24

ugh the very rare times i actually go there, i just think of how disgusting and horrible that job must be. and then i say a prayer that ill never have to work there

  Iceberg86300  |  14

Or just erased all doubt by copying answers and changing wording/math a bit. Changing names in any fashion is pure bush league. Handwriting style, and if math is involved, math setup and solving style is always different.

Then there is the question involved of why someone who was given the test and expected to perform decently didn't even turn in the test, or performed extremely poorly if the cheating girl bothered to put the other's name on her test.

“Bush league (psych out) stuff, laughable man” - The Jesus - The Big Lebowski

  orbit  |  22

One time in HS someone copied my exact answers but he failed while I got an 80. turns out the questions were in a different order on everyones test haha.

  kitten1800  |  18

When people try to cheat off me I make sure to give them the wrong answers because I hate it when people get grades they haven't worked for. Cheaters hate me but hard workers love me


I did that all the time because I don't work hard for people to cheat off me if I have to work so do you. So I would tell them to bug off, give wrong answers or just sit there for a bit! One guy asked me why I had an A and he had a F, I said because you didn't study. People would target the smarties and try to be our friends, sit close and cheat but I wasn't having that.

  Harley326  |  7

Eh, I always let people copy my answers. It didn't hurt me any and it helped with their grades. They weren't going to pass anyway if the only A's they were getting were from me.

  tantanpanda  |  26

God this pisses me off. If you're cheating, you deserve to fail. Oh, you're copying my test? that's cool, except we have different forms. If you really find cheating ok, go to a lower level class where you don't need to study to pass. My school doesn't tolerate cheating, especially AP. If you're going for college credit by examination, cheating off of someone is basically forfeiting your possible credit. Cheating off of people only hurts you, unless you're in L level (on level, whatever your school calls it) cuz that level seriously teaches nothing.
oh, #7, if both you got the same failing score, either that person isn't as smart as you think they are, or you're in a really tough AP class. probably the former.

By  GrinchFu1  |  27

Am I the only one who sees the positive in this!? She sucks at cheating and at deception... That's a good thing! She either doesn't have much practice, or she's an idiot. I'm gonna hope it's the former on this one. Lesson learned, too, I hope! Be a good person, little sis. No more cheating!!! Lol

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I see what you're saying and hopefully she will learn not to cheat from this experience, but the biggest issue here isn't that she cheated or that she's bad at cheating but that she's just a complete idiot. I don't know how far she can go career wise if she lacks common sense that badly. Hopefully she's one of those people that lack common sense and "street smarts" but is extremely smart in other areas; unfortunately it sounds like this isn't the case though.