By mypoolisstilldirty - 16/02/2012 16:26 - Australia

Today, I found out that the pool boy has been stealing from me for over a year now. The latest things that he has taken are my laptop, the cash I hide in my closet, and my wife. FML
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does he wear a speedo?

this is why watching porn is educating. everyone knows the pool boy always gets some.


Least your pool was clean.

nope. chuck testa. check out OP's name :/

Read his name bud it is still dirty ha

The kid surprisingly got balls for someone who has yet to grow some pubic hair

My apologies for disregarding his name and reading his fml. Seems his pool is that very last of his immediate concerns though

OP I feel for you brother! Keep your head up.

Money, cash. Money cash hoes!

OP don't you watch those cheesy soap operas and bad pornos? The wife ALWAYS cheats on her husband with the help, especially pool boys.

the people who wronged him. i.e. the pool boy and his wife. yeah.

Who was your pool cleaner, Puck? I can get down with it...

Don't get a pool boy kiddies!! They'll steal your soul.

Reminds me of desperate housewives

Sue him and then lick his ass

I hope to god that was a typo.

point of the story:don't get a pool boy

#1 rule of owning a pool: never hire an attractive person and give them access to the inside of your home.

does he wear a speedo?

Who cares about what he wears?? Fyl Op, beat the fuck out of both of them.. No one should ever have to experience that..

Your wife left you for a pool cleaner, you must have been doing something wrong.

26- Op was a pool cleaner before, he should of saw it coming

*Have *Seen I feel dirty now.

Ha Ha #26 that's the first thing I thought also!

Abduction is not a joke people!

104-that movie sucked :P

You mean budgie smugglers right?

I agree 26, you're just meant to have a secret affair with the pool boy, not leave them!

Kill both of then


Well the things he's stolen previously, must've not been too important to you then...FYL for your wife leaving you though.

I'm not sure the items were actually "stolen" given the pool boy was screwing his wife.

I'm not really sure you are an wait, yes I am!

I'm not an idiot.

I hope you can at least get your wife back! Lol

Why would he want her back after that? I wouldn't want her after the pool boy has "cleaned" her.

Or filled her with "chlorine"

Um that's why you do everything yourself you just received the desperate housewives treatment it actually happened in the show but it was a gardener

He has a proof of ownership, it wouldn't be too difficult...

if he wears a skimpy suit, where does he hide his stolen goods?

He cleans the pool. As in he probably wears jeans and a t shirt or even a jumpsuit. I'm not sure what you think pool boy means.

I was referring to the stereotypical athletic, muscular pool boy who wears a skimpy speedo and is the fantasy of the housewife

Our pool "boy" is old, fat, and often cleans our pool shirtless. But thankfully he wears jeans. Still sadface though D:

38 - It sounds like the housewives your talking about watch too much porn.

I do know the difference between your and you're. Apparently I'm too tired to care or edit.

Hahaha. Best. Comment. Ever.

Haha at OP'S name. Why don't you get some revenge, instead of a pool boy.. get a pool girl. ;)

Who is he getting revenge on?

So the pool boy can have the pool girl and his wife? Good call on that

Is there such thing as a hot pool girl?


Sell all your stuff. And run with the money.

Sell all HER stuff and have a night on the town. Make sure you change the locks first!

this is why watching porn is educating. everyone knows the pool boy always gets some.

That and the pizza guy

basically any.... tradie....

Don't forget the plumber!

And the job interviewer !

You hit the nail on the head lol I wouldn't even risk it...clean my own dam pool lol

Legally Blonde was just as education about pool boys