By humbug - 13/05/2012 13:08 - United States - Broomfield

Today, I found out that my girlfriend has been paying her half of the rent by taking my ATM card and getting money from my account. FML
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That was a pretty shitty thing to do on her part. I don't understand how you didn't realize the money was gone the first time she did it.


Its what i would do, if i was a blood sucking bitch.

ThisIsMyReign 4

This is when you send her to prison. :)

challan 19

If you were a vampire dog that's what you'd do? I would spend my nights sucking the blood of cats and Michael Vick.

Ohh cause i forgot we were being 100% lireral. Or its just that the term Blood sucking **** bothers you.

MarisaCB 16

Usually I don't approve of the dump-them-no-matter-what view so common here on FML, but seriously... your girlfriend is a bitch. Ask her about it first though. Maybe she legitimately can't afford it?

bripoo 8

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Honestly, does it ******* matter if you're first?

You can always tell when someone doesn't have a life...

This is the only "first" comment I've seen in a while. I thought people finally got the hint that nobody gave a damn. ):

First, get all the money back that she STOLE from you.

n_epic_fail 14

Smart girl, but get your money back op!!

If she's willing to steal money, she could be willing to steal more. I would recommend not sticking around to find out.

T-bag her and then dump her. It's the only way

KiwiExchange 16

So harsh. Just talk to her. Maybe y'all can work something out.

YeaSo3 14

There is nothing to work out she aint shit! She is a grown woman she knew what she was doing... Dump her and take her to court! And check your statement a little better

Does no one else see the issue here? Yeah so she was stealing, that sicks for OP but really OP, why are you leaving your ATM card around and why did you tell her your pin? You hold fault here too. Sorry for your sucky gf but damn boy you need to be a bit smarter

That was a pretty shitty thing to do on her part. I don't understand how you didn't realize the money was gone the first time she did it.

Exactly this. YDI if you pay so little attention to your bank account to you didn't notice you were paying the full rent amount.

Well, he obviously didn't find out now did he

No, 43, he DID find out, which is the whole point of this story.

Or maybe he just makes that much were he didn't realize right away I doubt it tho

Everytime op was about to look at his bank account, the girlfriend would distract him.

@36 OP definitely didn't deserve it! Just because someone isn't paying attention, it's not okay to steal from them. I do agree that it's a little strange that he didn't notice it though.

Maybe he earns a lot of money and didn't look at the statement for a little while. One account I have I only ever read the paper statement when It comes because not a lot really changes.

challan 19

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mandadarling 10

You shouldn't give someone else your account number, even a girlfriend. Though still FYL

I don't think you understand - by 'take', OP probably meant accepting it to buy a gift for herself or something - I don't know, I'm just a lady with cats. I have no idea how boyfriends and girlfriends behave.

how do you steal a pin? the cardholder is the one who knows it. people don't keep those things written down, they remember them.

KrazyKatz3 26

Maybe he asked her to get him some money at some point (my parents do that occasionally) or she stood really close at an ATM one time?

KiwiKitten 2

Kick her out if she doesn't stop after confronting her.

uJelly24 1

And also ask for your money back.

Insert comment about dumping her ass here.

pinky78711 5

Insert not-so-witty reply about also dumping the rest of her here.

No, dump the bitch but keep her donkey!

Why would you abandon a perfectly well-behaved doggie? :'( Leave that girl in the dust; she's obviously not a woman.

The only logical thing to do is to take your half from her account. You're welcome.

Clever girl. The thing I'm curious about is why you didn't notice this on your bank statements. Maybe I'm just a cheap bastard, but I keep track of every transaction.

No joke. I check my account often. I usually check before and after every purchase. But, if you're making enough money you don't notice then cool.