By Porter_Robinson - 30/04/2013 08:50 - Australia - Sydney

Today, I sent a girl a friendly conversation starter on Facebook. She replied, "I know what you guys are like. Oh, and that invitation to a date in about 5 messages time? Not a chance." FML
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Shoulda just showed her up and went like "what date?.. I just wanted to know more about (her friend). Who said anything about asking you out?"


Especially to reject porter Robinson ! Who even does that ?!? And here i was thinking he was drowning in pussy. Who Would have thought ....

Edit: op may have just misspelled " Porker Robinson " that would make a billion times more sense for explaining the instant rejection

plum_lovin 28

If I wanted to go out with someone and they said that to me, I would have shot back that I just wanted to say whats up and that they are not even close to my type.. or some kinda excuse. I wouldn't wanna go out with someone that full of themselves anyway and just make them feel dumb for acting like that.

I'm her defense, maybe OP is a big time player, and she doesn't want anything to do with players. Just a thought.

Should have said, "I know what you girls are like, a dime a dozen".

She sounds like a major arrogant bitch

Girreth 7

Sounds like one of those arrogant college students taking a psychology course for the first time who begin every conversation with "There are x types of people in the world, and you're the type who ." The bit about predicting the future is hilarious, though. Should have replied with "That phone call you're going to make 8 years from now asking me to hang out because I'm successful while you work at Hooters? Not a chance."

Sounds like she's just saving you time.

She sounds annoying and irrogant anyways. Better off not having her in OP's life.

OP, were you already friends with this girl, as some commenters are assuming? if so she was a bit mean. But I suspect you're one of those guys who sends random messages to girls on Facebook. STOP. It's CREEPY. This girl just said what the rest are thinking.

Lizardgirl 7

Ew I agree. Especially when you share only 1 or 2 mutual friends. There's even a video on collegehumor's youtube channel about the epidemic of weird facebook creeps.

#70 - That's not college humour, that's actually a biography. My biography.

Yes, she is saving you time. Time that you can now spend messaging other female strangers. Good luck with that.

66 - we're not creepy. we just really really like social media.

mellingeramber 13

Haha I guess we can all see who is used to get a lot of attention. That sucks for you OP, but you could have just explained to her that you just wanted to talk, not ask her out. :)

XDsmileyDX_fml 24

But I think the point of this was he did, and she found him out.

That may have been the point. But by saying there was no plan to ask her it gives op more of a chance to let her get to know him.

Hey, could be worse bro. Try again, maybe with a person in real life

Girls like that aren't worth five msgs anyway.

Just a "woah, I only messaged you because judging by your ****-ugly mug no-one talks to you and I wanted to do my good deed for the day" message.

or he could have responded "Ok cool, yeah you were my fall-back the real person I wanted said yes"

But then you would be proving that you are "one of those guys" you should just say "well I thought you were pretty but now I know you're a bitch. Thanks for saving me the time I could have wasted on you."

crammer1 6

Or everyone could just be honest from the beginning? No, that's just too difficult!

Shoulda just showed her up and went like "what date?.. I just wanted to know more about (her friend). Who said anything about asking you out?"

TiffGreen 11

I like the way you like the way think xD hahaha

Pretty sure that the girl would see through that response immediately.

Forget her, Op. Someone that judgmental may be more hassle than she's worth to even talk to. Carry on. ;p

challan 19

Does your Facebook name have "Playa" as your middle name? Are you shirtless with no head in your profile picture? If you answered no to both of these questions... Screw her. She's a vain bitch.

olpally 32

A very vain and stuck up bitch. She already knew she was going to say no. I'd like to falcon punch her for not even giving op a chance.

Well, she's allowed to not be interested. but she could have turned him down nicer.

perdix 29

Evidently, your "friendly conversation starter" was viewed as nothing more than a lame pick-up line to a popular girl. If you're going to hit on the hot girls, you'd better bring something outrageous, but if you want to stick with the formulaic "friendly conversation starters," go for homely girls -- they appreciate any attention.

I was typing out a long thing about different types of women liking different types of attention, but it all kind of boiled down to, figure out if she's a *****, figure out what kind of ***** and then you're in. On reflection maybe just set your standards higher, sounds like she's quite full of herself. You probably dodged a bullet there OP.

She is very sure of herself and overestimating herself.. It s very pathetic, none would like to talk to a cocky person.

perdix 29

#23, we don't know about that. First, I'd like to know what his "friendly conversation starter" was. Was it "ur hawt!" or was it something that was specific to her and well thought out? People generally like others with self-confidence. When it's in the right amount, we call it "self-assured," but when it's overdone, it's "cocky." Without knowing his opening move, it's hard to judge her reply.

28 - Completely agree. For all we know OP came off to the girl as a creep, and I'm sure most girls would agree some guys just won't take a friendly no thanks and will keep pestering until a little attitude is necessary then its all "shes a bitch, shes not even nice anyways".

If we all had the balls to be The Bitch like this girl did, we would have a lot less nonsense in our lives. Using a word like "conversation starter," OP sounds like someone who friended her on Facebook before they were friends in real life because she's hot.

Geez, even to a guy you sound like a loser prick. Hope you enjoy dating the ugly girls.

9, my personal favorite pickup line is as followed: first I signal them to come over using my pointer finger. When they walk over say "I just made you come with one finger, imagine what I could do with my whole hand."

upallnight11 19

There's only one solution: unfriend her on Facebook.

I somehow doubt they were friends.......