By thisistypical - 14/09/2009 19:28 - United States

Today, I found out that the money my husband said he loaned to his "mother" actually went to the purchase of new lingerie for the woman he's cheating on me with. I just got the bill from the department store. FML
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Roses are red Violets are blue Your credit cards maxed Looks like you're screwed


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Tell him he has to pay u back.

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Let's expand on "kick his ass." Max out whatever credit cards he has, take everything from his wallet. Give all his clothes away to charity. Call the woman he's been seeing. Send her wedding pictures for god sake. Then throw his ass out on the streets. But definitely kick his ass before then. Divorce him. All I'm saying.

Yes because committing credit card fraud is always the way to counter someone who's cheating on you. He's an ass, but the only thing you can do is get a legal divorce. And I would suggest not assaulting him during the proceedings, or you may wind up the one getting nothing.

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is it credit card fraud when they're still married? because technically it's still hers too.. right?

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#26 You are right, its not fraud if they are married because husband and wife have a legal right that states they share things like credit cards. #22 In no offense, please revise what you type before you submit it.

not gonna lie...after thinkin about it for awhile, i thought....Oedipus Complex!!!

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Apparently we're having trouble understanding that what I said was a joke. The best and only way to know the truth is through confrontation.

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if love is blind, then why is lingerie so popular? best love quote ever :)

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maybe it was for his mother...the girl hes cheating with

#30 22 had some good points I think he was fine

You deserve it for getting fat after the marriage, saying HELL NO to the threesome, and being an annoying nagging *****.

are you sure it wasn't for his mother? lol

Roses are red Violets are blue Your credit cards maxed Looks like you're screwed

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D-I-V-O-R-C-E... Seriously, how'd he expect to get away with it if he had the bill sent to you? Not saying what he did was a good thing, but he could have at least had the bill sent to her and then paid it that way. Either way, kick the lying bastard's ass ;)

Well, now you have their addresses right? (if they were shipped directly to them)

FISRT! But seriously, that sucks. Dump his ass. Or go with a threesome. It's your call.

First to make an ass of yourself? Congrats! *Picture of cookie for you*

Good thing its only a loan and she will pay you back.