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Today, a homeless man bathed himself in the restroom at my coffee shop in West LA. He locked himself in there for a good twenty minutes. The lingering smell was so strong that my other coworker vomited. Thanks to what is apparently a relatively strong gag reflex, I got to clean up. FML
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#4 and #5 you both obviously haven't had extended periods of time with the homeless. They gather around my university campus and do nothing but beg, yell, and grab random people for no reason. If you two are so high and mighty wishing this fate upon me because "I don't know their situation" why aren't you two out there personally helping the homeless? When was the last time you let a homeless dude into your house to bathe and gave him a meal? You're no different from everyone else who walks by them without a second glance, so stop pretending you're a better person by "sympathizing".

You think your life sucks, think about how the homeless guy must feel. He has to smell himself every day.


I hate homeless people. Not because of the fact they're homeless, but because they do weird and nasty shit like this.

remember as other people have said they can be war vets without the government help they need and alot of wars can leave alot of psychological damage which could lead to the weird and crazy shit or they are homeless because they spend all their money on drugs and crap like that which in the end makes them do weird and crazy shit.

Well, it's not exactly their fault. Like the person above me, the government is taking their homes and leaving them homeless. They have to steal, pickpocket, bathe in even the filthiest of places, and even pick through the garbage. I'm sure you'd do the same if you were homeless and had no other choice.

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"CHOOSE NOW: Vomit on purpose or clean after homeless!" FYL indeed.

Uhm...#2 are you confused? It says in the smell stayed in the room for a long time after the homeless man was gone

You think your life sucks, think about how the homeless guy must feel. He has to smell himself every day.

Im sorry for you. But you are a great person, for letting him bath.

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ish. props to you for putting up with it. i gagged just reading this.