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  TrekkieGirl  |  0

@"parental powers activate" it!

OP, you must have made your daughter really mad at some point for her to do that to you. It's kind of harsh to play with someone's feelings that way.

  lifeguardd  |  0

the mother should find out who she likes and pay the boy to act like he likes her daughter and then dump her. the little bitch should desrve this for playin with her moms feelings. perfect revenge!!!

  Purpose30  |  0

no pretending to be a child online gets you talking to creeps. being an old creep and talking to children online usually gets you a spot on "To catch a Predator"

  him51772  |  0

you really think the mother was willing to say shes dating a guy shes only seen like 2 max 3 pictures of ? if she is then its a YDI for her being so damn naive, yes you can get pictures online. multiple pictures of one person that all match? usually require somewhere to access them