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By  Gofuckyourself  |  24

What the hell is up with some married men living double lives? If you're married... LET IT BE KNOWN! Don't ruin someone else's life because of your selfish needs.

By  tranced_  |  44

No but if she has sent you a friend request then she probably already knows about you two and it's already late for you to dump his ass.. I'd rather suggest you to talk to her and try to save their marriage an tell her to give him another chance to save the family right? Or ofcourse you could help her with the divorce and it all goes down from there..

  Sinshine  |  27

What's there to save? He already cheated on her, and apparently not just once or he considered a boyfriend by someone else. Children aren't a reason for people to stay together when their relationship isn't working anymore. They'd be much better off with parents living in divorce but happy than with them staying together and be miserable.

By  RichardPencil  |  30

Just deny the request and walk away from both of them.

If you tell the wife, don’t expect her to become your buddy. It’s likely she won’t believe that you thought he was unmarried. Let the next mistress be his downfall.

By  Paul B. Gyurcsanszky  |  14

Make friends with his wife, then you can both make his life miserable because he deserves it!