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Today, I made a fake Facebook account for a girl, and then set my relationship status to make it look like the fake person was my girlfriend. Someone found out and hacked the fake account. My fake girlfriend just dumped me over Facebook. FML
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Sounds harsh, but you kind of deserve it for making a fake girlfriend..


Hacking is NOT typing in common thing for the password.

Every time on Facebook when someone changes someone's status and says something along the lines of "you've been hacked...I love you!!!1!1!!1

And half my comment is missing.... It should say at the end: I delete them for having dumbass friends.

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I am sorry to hear that OP. But that is strait up sad and I see the forever alone meme face.

When will people learn that logging in using their password, and hacking their Facebook account are two very different things?

Wow, Keyman, you really threw me off there with your first, "half" comment!

31 sir you cannot call me an idiot as I make good grades. You can say "that was stupid." but I am no idiot.

Sounds harsh, but you kind of deserve it for making a fake girlfriend..

What's so bad about being single anyway? I'm married and I can't help but at times to reminiscence on the "old days" of being carefree and just living life! (And before anyone goes all emo on me, I know being alone/single can be pretty depressing at times).

i agree 62. i am happily married, but there are days i would love to go back to when every noght was had the potential to be Girls Night Out.

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I'm not married yet, but I haven't been single in a while. I miss it sometimes. On a side note, it would have been high-larious if whoever "hacked" the account had pretended to be the girl. Leaving gushy posts on OP's wall, posting videos of the latest Lady Gaga songs, and raving about her cat. They had great opportunity to **** with OP in a fantastic way, but no.. They just dumped him... Sad...

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I seem to be the only married person who DOESN'T miss being single at all.. Guess I must have gotten lucky? :)

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@119 u'r LUCKY in-f**kin-deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

It was probably obvious it was fake when OP was the account's only friend...

I remember when they first invented chocolate.

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OP-you will find the ome someday

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So he is bad because he wanted to fit in with the society he is living at. Not everyone is lucky to have a girlfriend. and not everyone is lucky to have a normal life.

Well, it's only until he takes the account and wins the fake girlfriend back

I can imagine OP's face muchso like my picture, only to be replaced with Okay.jpg or Forever Alone....

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That's pathetic, sorry OP but you don't need FB people to approve if you have a girlfriend or not

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YDI, get some confidence and go get a real girlfriend with whom you can set your Facebook status with as "in a relationship". Get em tiger.

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"Get some confidence" What indispensable advice. You are so full of wisdom.

You should sell some chocolates >:D heheheheh

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May not be that easy. OP could be ugly as sin.

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102- Yeah, OP doesn't even need to learn how to play it... He can just take emo looking pictures holding a guitar and all will be ace. Lmao :D

I love your name! I get interesting mental images of a fluffy beard: curly, straight, soft, scruffy?! Who knows! ;)

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If you're making a fake FaceBook to be someone you aren't, you don't have a life.

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Well ain't you just the brightest crayon in the Crayola Box??

I don't think this karma whatsoever...saddening for sure. Op join a club or something.

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How is this karma? Do u know what karma means?

You were away with the fairies. Time to wake up.

13- what are you on? Your comments are trippin!

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"Today, I made a fake Facebook"... Forever Alone.