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By Anonymous - 18/01/2014 18:16 - United States

Today, after three weeks of fighting with my husband, I found out that he really didn't create an account on a website for cheaters and charge the bill to his credit card. Our daughter did it as a prank, and only confessed because our fighting was stressing her out. FML
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Weird_situations 13

Ground her butt until the apocalypse!!! That's a mean prank and she let it go way too far

euphoricness 28

You should beat her ass, why would she do a prank that could potentially ruin a relationship with marriage?


Weird_situations 13

Ground her butt until the apocalypse!!! That's a mean prank and she let it go way too far

kick her ass into the next fucking dimension.

Fuck that. I'd send my kid to the most unbearable boot camp She could have ruined their marriage. She needs some serious discipline.

Usually I am against hitting a child. I think this would be a case where it's warranted to beat her ass.

I completely agree... This was way to serious to let it get that far

That's not something I'd even consider a prank. That's like one or two steps past a prank, and the apocalypse is too soon. Eternity sounds much better.

For some reason I read this as "our neighbor did it" and thought "how the hell did a neighbor get your credit card" Glad I actually reread it

I think you should get revenge on top of the grounding. Pretend you are getting divorced because of this. Argue loudly over who has to keep her.

Really, though, what if it actually /was/ the husband, and the daughter was stressed enough about the fighting that she covered for him?

maybe the wife should also punish herself. I mean why were they arguing to begin with? was she accusing the husband and the husband saying it wasn't him? shouldn't marriage be build on trust? The only one who should be mad is the husband.

Brightbulb 39

Think about it though, if you have the bill to HIS credit card, and the dateing site profile is HIM why would you not go with the only logical assumption? Trust is one thing, blind disbelief in the face of staggering evidence is just complete idiocy.

106 might be on to something. However, for the sake of their marriage, hopefully it was a prank.

euphoricness 28

You should beat her ass, why would she do a prank that could potentially ruin a relationship with marriage?

Weird_situations 13

She sounds like a brat to me. How did she get his credit card?

euphoricness 28

I'm wondering that too, I'm also really wondering why she would think that's a prank. Those are her PARENTS. "Yeah I'm going to pull off the most diabolical prank ever! It'll ruin my parents lives and even mine, too, but it'll be worth it!" Goodness gracious

Weird_situations 13

Kids these days

Says the 16 year old

21- age does not define maturity.

My boyfriend is 19 and is more mature than his mother is. Age doesn't necessarily reflect maturity level.

#2 I'm with you, there's a time for discipline and there's a time for whoopin a kids ass. This is ass whoopin territory.

@17 You forgot to finish the sentence.

Glad to see commenters have realized that age has nothing to do with maturity. If someone had called #17 out for being 16 two years ago she would've been laughed at and her opinion disregarded. Progress is always good. :)

Still she should've trusted her husband more

trusted him? she had undeniable proof that he had signed up and paid for a cheater website even I'd have trouble trusting someone at that point


Apparantly not so undeniable...

She sounds completely self-centered.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

ya total bitch..heartless cruel daughter you got there op.

olpally 32

Ground her for being an attention seeking bitch and potentially ruining your marriage.

OP needs to trust her husband more.

#103 when an account on a cheaters website was made in your husbands name, your last thought is your dumbass daughter was the one who did it. OP had valid reasons to not trust her husband.

toxic_walrus 15

Your daughter is 110% out of line

I agree. She completely crossed the line and could have ruined op's marriage. I hope op disciplined her daughter.

I know it's been said over and over but it can't be said enough, DISCIPLINE YOUR CHILD. That was way to far to go for a prank. You should never play with the stuff people love, especially other people. That was too far and she needs to be punished.

fooltemptress 36

You should make her pay for the marriage counseling you and your husband need because of her prank.

That one actually never came to mind. If she's old enough to do something this fucked up, I'd have to agree. Make her pay for the counseling. If she can't afford it, tough shit. Make her do it over time. Don't let her get off for this.

How old is your daughter?

Old enough to find a potentially marital ending website and frame her father, so old enough to be punished severely.

Wow that's very careless of her, I hope she's grounded now !

Grounded, my ass. Brat needs a good ass whooping. She'll learn a good lesson and fear her mother enough to act out less often.

Why didn't u ask her in the first place instead of fighting for 3 weeks?

Because the first thought that comes into your head when you find evidence your SO is cheating is that it is a prank by your teenaged kid.

She probably didn't think her daughter would do something like that.

You can usually tell if your SO is faking being clueless or not. I'd think she'd start wondering about a week in. But yeah, my first thought wouldn't be that my kid was a sociopath.

If I saw something like that on my husband's card I wouldn't think my kid would be a big enough bitch to try and ruin our marriage. Kids can be assholes but I can't see why they would ruin their parents relationship unless they were abusive or something.

NiceGuysDoWin 21

#12, yours has got to be the dumbest response I've seen so far. "Well Mr. Congressman, we have photo evidence of you sending dick pics to random strangers, we have the account in your name and billed to your credit card. But before we file charges against you, we'd better check with your teenage daughter and make sure she wasn't just pranking you" Who thinks that way? NO ONE. That isn't a "prank" that anyone would pull. it's insane.

though he worded it bad I think he meant why did you fight for 3 weeks. obviously you go to your SO first and confront them but after a week or two of fighting maybe you should check other possibilities that its not your significant other.

Is she blaming her prank on your fighting or has it really gone so far that she needs attention?