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Today, I found out that my daughter's "pen pal" is really a 58-year-old man in prison. FML
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So? People in prison need pen pals too.. I don't see anything wrong with it unless there was inappropriate things written in the letters.


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Eh.. Just because an older man is associating with a younger girl doesn't necessarily make him a pedophile. He could feel no attraction to her and be writing out of sheer boredom.

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Either way, OP needs to be concerned. And have a serious talk with his/her daughter.

thathipsterchick 2

Possibly. This guys in prison, but then again, it could've been something else. Scratch that, why would some girl be a pen pal with a prisioner anyways? 0_o that's kinda creepy to me...

29-Criminals aren't necessarily violent psychopaths. He could just be a relatively normal guy locked up for a minor crime and looking for a friend to pass the time while he's incarcerated. You just don't really know.

thathipsterchick 2

32- Agreed. IDK the truth, and only this guy. Sorry, I'm just 11 and well, my dad brainwashed me with the whole "pedo" crap before he died and now, well ok so yea, every prisioner I like that to me. It's also tv. Usually what I see on the news is "13 year old raped, man sent to prision." Sorry if im annoying :| (scratch that, I am)

It's important to know that the news only reports what is "interesting". You will never hear a story of how an old man was a regular human being to a 13 year old girl. It's just that all the immediate judging of older people bothers me -.-

thathipsterchick 2

36- it bothers me 2. like when I see something like '55 year old saves 6 year old from drowning' I actually become relieved. it's not one of those everyday 'rape' or 'molestation' stories and actually a 'this man is a hero' stories.

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This post never even mentions the daughter's age. She could be 18 or 19 for all we know. Maybe the mom was surprised about the age difference or the fact that the man is in prison for who knows what.

thathipsterchick 2

40- true that. Maybe it's 1 of her friend's dad and she just wants to know if he's ok and stuff.

It actually doesn't say how old OP's daughter is. She could be a grown woman who happened to have a friend who went to prison for a non violent crime and now she keeps contact by writing him. Not everyone in prison is a child molesting scum bag, there are actually quite a lot of innocent people who are locked up. I'm hoping this is the case anyway, I try to see the good in things.

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We don't know the age however the fml is labelled 'kids' Anyway it could be that the old man is really nice to her and treats her like his own daughter with no pedo intentions. Either way it's disturbing as a parent.

If it was all innocent and there was a genuine friendship there, then no, I wouldn't have a problem with it. There would be a lot of "ifs" though. It would definitely depend on IF she was older and IF his crime wasn't against children or of a violent nature. Also, only IF there wasn't anything sexual going on between them. He could mentor her and teach her about the dangers out there and how not to make the same mistakes he did. A lot of kids won't listen to their parents, but if someone they respect outside of their parental circle tells them the exact same thing they tend to listen. There are actually good hearted people with very high morals in prison for one bad decision or a wrong conviction.

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Uhhhh last time i checked people have souls whether their in prison or not maybe hes lonely and just wants to talk to someone from the outside

93- I never have time to write to anyone, only to fend off attacking inmates with frying oil and arc welders.

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Maybe he's telling her to stay the **** out of prison because it sucks.

Why do people automatically think that if a older man talks with a young girl, it means he's a pedophile? That really is irritating!

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Who has penpals anymore? Couldn't find a pedophile online to occupy your time?

I'd be more worried about a penpal that was a 58 year old man not in prison. I think all of the letters coming out of prison are read before being sent out and this guy is more likely very bored.

thathipsterchick 2

Surprise! The 'pen pal' you're daughter talks to happens to be a creeping pedobear! It's your lucky day!

I really hate how everyone assumes that all older men that interact with younger girls (or boys) MUST be pedophiles. It's not even all that funny, I don't know why people continuously spam comments about it.

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Well, true that, but remember, this guy is in prison :|

So that must make him a pedophile. Gotcha.

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16- Oops sorry bout that :( I hate auto-correct :/

If you hate it, then either turn it off or stop typing so sloppily. c:

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I don't know how to turn it off :( I just got this phone today and I'm still learning how to use it 0_o

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I just got my phone today and it's my 1st so I'm still figuring out how to use it, and turn off auto correct for example 0_o

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27- oops my mistake, I posted that on the wrong FML lol :p sorry about that

12- Yea, he MUST be a scum bag because innocent people never go to prison. O.o

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47- I know... Innocent people do go to prision, no shit. My cousin for example... My point is, what do you see on the news nowadays? Then again, this man could be one of her friend's dad, and she's just checking up on him. Yes, I know, making an assumption like I did was a terrible idea.

A 58 year old man writing letters to a what i suspect is an underaged girl.. normally when you get older, you go online. I wouldnt like my daughter to speak with him either. You would have no idea knowing who this man is. Yes he could be innocent, but chances are he's not, and by the sounds of it, why would a grown up man write to a strangers child he never even met? My thoughts anyways...

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Maybe its the daughter's fault, and the guy doesn't even know she is underaged.

BeforeItWasCool 12

Probably best to step in at this point..

Well it depends what he's in for. Or what color van he owns.

You said it. Some women are just insane and go crazy for guys in prison... Maybe I should get myself arrested...

Umm, you don't know the guy? He could be in for manslaughter and could be a genuinely nice guy who has nobody but your daughter. The only connection they really share is a piece of paper. Leave them alone

BeforeItWasCool 12

Still, from the wording in this particular FML, it would suggest that the daughter is quite young. Regardless of whether he's a "nice guy" it's probably not appropriate for a 58 year old to be writing to this girl.

How did nobody notice this when the letters were addressed/had the return address of a prison..?

Not everyone knows the address of the prison in there area.

It would have to say correctional institution on the letterhead so yes she would know it's a prison. Never is it just listed as 50 grove street or something.

I write inmates. You'll know when you get a letter from one. It's taped in the back, with an ink stamp telling you it's from a prison, that inmate mail isn't always monitored, and sometimes even a disclaimer saying they hold no responsibility for what the inmate says.

And usually the inmate will have to put his inmate number as part of the address, that way the correctional officers will know which inmate is writing the letter.

the actual cell block and number is on the envelope

Well at least you know she is having a therapeutic effect on an old man in prison aka whackit material.

So? People in prison need pen pals too.. I don't see anything wrong with it unless there was inappropriate things written in the letters.

Using "was" can be appropriate here actually.

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Depends on how old she is. I'm guessing she is underage since her parent posted this!

11. Shut up. Don't you have something better to do than correct people's grammar on FML?

I agree fully. Very decent people end up in prison sometimes because of a error in judgement that happened in a split second. I knew a guy who went for prison for 9 years because he decided to drive home after having 3 beers after work. An old lady ran a red light and he hit and killed her, but because he had over the legal limit of alcohol in his system he went to prison.

an error* Wrong place at the wrong time

If you're drinking, don't drive! I've lost people I care greatly for to drunk drivers who "just had a few beers". It's selfish to drink then go behind a wheel, no matter how sweet and kind you are else in life. To get the phone call from the police kills you inside.

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#50- She was correcting her own grammar.

Oh wow I didn't catch that. Well I sure made an ass of myself-_-

Yes, yes I was. Thanks for looking out for me though #50/74!

exactly what i was going to say. It's a good way for them to talk to people who aren't criminals and help them make a new start when they did their time.

That's.. Unnerving. Perhaps it's reassuring that he is in prison so that he can never meet up with her?

That's the risk you take when you have a pen pal in prison.

26 is right- this is why I only talk to Death Row Inmates, or give a P.O Box.

It's a common thing for prisoners to have pen pals like that. I mean, sure it's odd that what I'm assuming is a relatively young girl has a prisoner pen pal, but it's not a bad thing. If anything, it could be beneficial for the girl. It means she's not living in a fantasy where she thinks there isn't any evil in the world.

Oh she won't be living in a fantasy after he gets out. It'd be more of a nightmare, really. Or maybe the man might've changed in his jail years. Or not, you never know.

Holy shit 31, way to be a closed minded tard. Just because he's in prison doesn't mean he's some fanatical dickwad! He could be in for a very long time because he held up a bank with a damn crayon. (one of my pen pals did that. A red crayon, very odd.) He did it because his bitch of an ex wife made him feel like less of a man for losing his job in rough times and talked him into robbing a bank. 'you'll get out' she says, 'they won't find the money and when you get out its all ours' she says. And she was right on both accounts. Lol.