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Today, I had to slowly explain to my daughter why her Facebook profile isn't a valid piece of ID. FML
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I have so much faith for this generation...

Imagine the amount of girls that would have to pose with a duck face if a Facebook profile picture were authorized as an ID.


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The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

You have one smart daughter You should give her a cookie

She's so intellectual she deserves two cookies. :)

Michael_92 20

But But....he's showing off for all the i just made myself laugh. He's prolly 80.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Hey, 29, random question - are you in any way associated with Stormfront?

26 but, but, buuuuut what if it's a pear tree, then how the hell did the app... Ya... I didn't think so I'll go back to my treefort.

that's so dumb it should be I mean everyone is always carrying there iPhones and iPads around like duh :P

Llama_Face89 33

Think about it. You can change all the information about yourself on Facebook. Your name, your age, anything that could be used for ID. So tell me how Facebook should be a valid form of ID again.

But it's on the Interwebs! It must be true!!!

I don't think Facebook as an ID would work, but a virtual wallet maybe. For my imaginative example, say you can register at the DMV (bring SSN cards, birth certificates, etc.) and for a fee of like $30 a year and a onetime fingerprint scan/registration you're set up (your fingerprint is linked with your ID). So when bars or a cop asks you for ID, all they got to do is scan ya! ... I've got other ideas with this, but I think I need a patent first! ;)

I don't think I'd ever want a network site as invasive to my privacy as something like Facebook to handle your proof of ID.

K_kanaka 26

29 you're bout the hundredth person to tell me put a shirt on (I got no problem with people telling me put a shirt on, I actually find it really funny when people do) 114 I'm actually 18 O and I have no clue why I made that first comment. But I most definitely deserve to be called a idiot for it.

Michael_92 20

Haha I meant 180* jk. Either way idc i was screwin with you. I don't care either way, girls do the same and no one says anything about that.

K_kanaka 26

Tru tru Michael_92. That was a good joke.

Michael_92 20

Nope it was I think legitimately stupid lol. We all say stupid stuff every now and then.

233- you just told everyone about your idea, and that its not patented. Btw theres probably more than one way around that.

Yes, but the other idea's I have not shared are mine and mine only (I'm sure that fingerprint scan idea has already been thought of anyway). . . And I knew in saying that "I need a patent first", that someone was going to be a smart ass and point out that I have shared it with others. I am not literally going to patent that idea, I was just playing around.

I was simply notifying you. If you knew that then why did you post it

babeyface 0

Because I felt like sharing my thoughts, that's why. I know you were just informing, and I hope you know I was playfully sharing my ideas. So, since you can't hear the "tone in my voice" I'm letting you know I'm not being rude. Can't assume anything through messages that are typed.

Hey idiot. I got a Facebook when I was nine. According to Facebook I was 32

MichellinMan 20

society is slowly going on a downhill slope... *sigh*

I think OP's was the child that got left behind.

166- I'm afraid you give society too much credit sir.

166- Yep. It's on an 89 degree slope, falling in an Oldsmobile being driven by a Lima bean. There's little hope for humanity.

SecretMe00 5

I had to have my boyfriend explain this to me..( sadly ).... Ehhh... Oh well.....

EndItAll 9

Hopefully she grows up to be beautiful, because she won't get anywhere with brains like that. FYL OP

She's not just stupid, but apparently "slow" too.

skyenoelle 15

Or maybe she's just really young?

Reminds me of Brian's dumb girlfriend ;3 Hahah

That's ridiculous! I was on my way back to America from Mexico about a week ago, and the border patrol stopped me and asked me for my ID. I'm assuming that 'waving your hands in the air and pretending that your paperwork is now visible' is not an acceptable form of submission! They also didn't appreciate the silence... But hey, I guess I won't need a change of clothing for where I'm going, as I'm already in black and white stripes.

When I was returning to America from France, I tried to use a greencard from apples to apples... Didn't work, but I guess I really am 'imported'...

Sucks to have to explain that I mean she should already know that.

You, Sir, are not a very helpful person.

Michael_92 20

117, it's just one bad comment, calm down. He always has better comments than this one.

GoW_Chick 14

He has had some really funny ones, 121 is right we all have our good comments and bad ones, doesn't mean he should have to stop.

It's the god damn school systems these days!

Thank y'all. I had to be honest on this one though from personal life correspondence, that is all. I'll go back to being a goofball, I'm sorry :(

josiefay 0

I'm sorry, but I kind of have to agree after reading hundreds of posts from parents when their teenagers fail to grasp simple real world concepts, you kind of start wondering what parents are not informing their kids. I'm not saying it's an end all be all and that young adults should come out of the box with all worldly knowledge they need. But this example is pretty ridiculous.

KatherineJ 0

Why cant I just downvote until you cry?

I have so much faith for this generation...

Do you? Good cause I lost all mine... They need all the faith they can hope to get.

I think my gen is long gone. I mean we have Twilight as one our greatest movie/book franchise...

CalCommando 6

Officer: Licence and registration please. Daughter: *Holds up iPhone*

Michael_92 20

Yea I sense your sarcasm. I have no faith in this generation either and I'm from it!!

ShroomsOnAcid 16

And I thought my generation was bad! Holy shit was I wrong. I realize now that I had not the slightest idea of "bad". I feel our grandparents' pain from being laughed at for not accepting technology. It must have been even scarier for them. Hopefully there's some kind of light at the end of the tunnel.

Those who criticize our generation forgot who raised it. But its true, I am ashamed to be apart of my generation..

desireev 17

169- Hey! I thought I was original when I said that on here the other day!! :)

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#175 - You don't hear/see that often? I hear/see that A LOT. Sorry, but you're not original.

Hey know-all previous generation: YOUR inventions and lack of discipline are what make us who we are. Don't blame us for not knowing differently, you ****** us up since day one.

cassiebear7652 7

You know, I see your point, but it's kids like her who mess up our reputation. I can honestly say I don't know many people that stupid, and I myself, growing up in this generation as a straight A student, am not near that stupid.

randomhangul 4

I like to look at the bright side. while the successful people are out working. The kids that need to be punched for how dumb they are, will be handling the food they order in the drive thru. win win.

204 - I completely agree. Sometimes I feel like I'm smarter than most people in my school. I hate being labeled for my age though. Just because we're teenagers doesnt mean we're complete idiots who don't understand anything -__-

You guys forgot Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black!

midterm2012 0

Yeah we are pretty much screwed!!!! Ugh fml to everyone that is in it and all the dumb asses kids.

Don't remind us. We got enough on our plate.

169- our generation was raised by the media and technology.

#135 if by light you mean the flouresents that they use in psych wards then yeah, I agree. Sucks to be in my generation :(

desireev 17

Hey 183- It was a joke. Sarcasm. Geez.. People say I need to lighten up and learn to joke a bit. But when I do, I get thumbs down and not-the-nicest comments. It's a catch 22 I guess.. I'm damned if I do. I'm damned if I don't.

Imagine the amount of girls that would have to pose with a duck face if a Facebook profile picture were authorized as an ID.

dancersinger124 7

Haha! Why other girls think this is attractive I have no idea...

puppypuncher 5

Girls do it when they're self conscious of their smile and wish to look "cute". It's not hard to do duck lips, so they become more secure when doing so instead of smiling. Also, they see other girls doing it and feel more confident when duck lipping. Basically it's a loop of stupidity influencing more stupid people.

Really, 32? Thanks for your point of view, I actually do wonder why girls do it. My teeth are horribly messed up, they're all pretty much in a tooth orgy (all on top of each other) and I think showing my ugly teeth is better than creating pre-mature lip wrinkles. I'm probably just weird.

Why does 32 get thumbed down?? She's making a good point, you know...

puppypuncher 5

35- I wasn't saying that their teeth are bad. I meant it's easy to make a smile look forced or silly (showing teeth or no teeth) and duck lips are an easy way out.

41, oops, sorry haha. Thanks for clearing that up.

puppypuncher 5

59- Those bastards deserved it!

They do the duck face because they think it looks pouty. When it just looks ridiculous.

Ahh the duck face. I'm a girl, and I don't even get the point of it. Just makes me think that my generation will go to the dogs..

ShroomsOnAcid 16

I would like to add that to me, it seems like a less obvious alternative to sucking in your cheeks. A rather sad attempt at accentuating the cheeks and looking pouty and "sexy". I wish I hadn't googled duck face. The second picture made my brain cry. I am sending a cleanup crew of neurons at the flood site as we speak.

dancersinger124 7

I think it started off as a kiss... But then transformed... Into something incredibly stupid.

Imagine all the guys who would have to bite their lips and squint like they're reading size 2 font

KrazyKatz3 26

What about the amount of guys who would have to bring their entire sports team everywhere?