By campmom
Today, my nine year old son went around telling everyone that me and my husband had a "foursome" last month. It turns out that some douchebag counselor at the camp he goes to thought it would be funny to tell him that a foursome was a divorce. All of his friend's parents think we're kinky freaks. FML
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  skullbuster  |  0

Call the camp and get the counselor's ass booted! You need to make an example of this little bastard. And then tell all the parents of your kid's friends that you couldn't possibly have a foursome because your husband couldn't even get it up for you once a month! That will set everyone straight!

  mish01  |  0

Why would you do such a thing? That's just disgraceful, you should know that little kids repeat everything you tell them. You should be fired.

  roflstephh  |  0

do you know how it works?
you're one of the probably hundreds of people who clicked "yes" on the moderating page, so that the actual moderators can put it on the site or not.

  mirandaelcraig  |  13

I think the person just meant almost all kids now a days know what it is. I think the parent should be proud their kid DIDN'T know yet. Also, most adults I know would ask the kid if he knew what he was talking about...

By  Moemoemoe_fml  |  0

I'd think the OP said "freaks" not about people having a foursome, but about people having one and talking about it to their 9 year old son, which is what the parents of his friends think this is all about. Hence the "kinky freaks".
Nothing wrong with wild sexual escapades if you're not mentioning them to your child.

The counselor, on the other hand, needs a swift ass kicking.

By  coopcas  |  0

Well, ARE you two kinky freaks? If so, you might get some action from your dumbass kid's big mouth. And you'll have that douchebag counselor to thank, Madam!