By Applelover012 - 08/07/2009 04:03 - United States

Today, my boyfriend of 4 years told me he was leaving me because we haven't slept together in a few weeks. I just gave birth to our first child and am still recovering from my c-section. FML
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no1askdu 5

man that really sux...better hit him up for that child support

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He's a douchebag, let him leave But make him pay child support ((;


no1askdu 5

man that really sux...better hit him up for that child support

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Didn't expect that from a guy! But he's right, you would be stupid not to. That's a ridiculous reason to leave someone,especially after what you have been through it takes a minimum of 6 weeks(and that's for vaginal birth) to recover. What a jerk!

Yeah, pretty much. Kick the bastard where it hurts. If he hasn't got the cojones to deal with fathering his child, and comes up with such a pathetic excuse, he doesn't deserve to have a child, and deserves nothing more than to pay out the nose so that you (hopefully alongside someone who's better suited for you and the baby) can do so.

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Can't you at least muster up a ******** for the poor guy. They say there is protein in that shit!

he's not the baby's father is he? oh well, if he can't understand the torture you're going through, kick him in the balls and tell him that's only a nanoscopic inkling of the kind of pain you're experiencing right now.

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Agrees with 120, you coulda at least given him a BJ you dumb bimbo...

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i'm sorry but YDI for getting pregnant when your not married..

I agree with Purplehaze, **** anyone who said she should "at least blow him", she has a new born to care for and is recovering from having her stomach CUT OPEN and her insides jostled around. The least her idiotic bf could do is show an ounce of respect and not be such a selfish prick with his peen the only thing on his mind. Besides that's how he got into this to begin with... Getting his "needs" taken care of.

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That is no reason for her to deserve it, no one deserves that. I've seen FML's about this with married couples. You obviously are unaware of post partum recovery.

343 they not married. If not married then no reason he can't step out for some on the side.

afallingstar 22

he's an idiot and you are better off without him...if he can't at least sympathize with you then let him go and get that child support

This is why it's better to get married THEN have kids unless it was accidental

Seriously, it sounds like OP lucked out with him leaving. I mean, I'm sure its painful to have him gone, but on the other hand, if he's leaving over something like this, she got lucky he's gone now. You can collect child support to remember him by.

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What a moron. and I agree with #1, make sure you get child support from him!

No one says that he is the father now does it? Although this is a completely shitty reason to leave someone, he isn't necessarily a COMPLETE douchewaffle, just like 95% also, did you guys have sex every week while you were preggers then? Cuz otherwise he would have dumped you before now, lol

Well, she did say 'OUR first child', so yeah, it is his.

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He's a douchebag, let him leave But make him pay child support ((;

he should just sleep with another girl til this girl is better

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I agree, I'd let him leave, but get child support. Or, something lulzy: Hire someone to cut off his genitals in the night, but rush him to the hospital so they can reattach it in time. Then while he's in recovery, yell at him for not being able to get it up cuz DAMN YOU'RE HORNY.

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lol that'd serve him right, wouldn't it? i would SO do that! and it still wouldn't be enough punishment for an asshole like that.

LMAO this is by far the best comment on here. He'd actually really deserve this.

Ditch the douchebag ; you don't need that guy in your life. But yes, child support.

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Oh man, did you smack him? That's messed up? Ha! What a loser, and dumb ass for that matter.

Take him for as much child support as possible. Then, it'll turn from a FYL, to a FHL. ;)

This guy is an asshole, so please keep in mind that I'm not defending him when I say that we already have enough women exploiting the child support system. I understand that he would need to pay but exploiting the system for personal gain is never right.

Isn't child support, by definition, money used to defray the cost of raising the child? How is that personal gain?

TheBigGamer 0

even though the money is meant for the kid quite often they use it to buy themselves stuff, like TVs, clothes, shit like that

Yeah... my mom used her child support to build a nice pond..... and a greenhouse.... and an elevator up to the greenhouse... but no food for us.

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yeah i completely agree, my mom didnt use her child support for us, she used it for her own stufff. but that is awful that he left, and hopefully she is better with her child support than other parents.

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Personal gain? Have you noticed the cost of raising a child lately? There won't be any left over no matter how much she gets. Trust me.

To the people saying that some women use their child support to buy ourselves clothing and tvs and ponds? Sorry but if a parent was using all of their money to buy things only for themselves, the children would starve to death before their first month's birthday. Nice try though. And yes, we spend the money, it's ours.

teacher here trust me lot of those moms spend it on weaves and new car but don't even do their kids hair #65 is correct.

He's taking the baby with, you know. BPs are in high demand nowadays.