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Today, my girlfriend from high school contacted me, telling me we should hang out some time; I casually agreed. Two hours later she's on my doorstep in tears, wanting me to take her back. She's married with kids. I live four states away and haven't a clue how she found out where I live. FML
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not as romantic as they make it look in the movies, is it.


not as romantic as they make it look in the movies, is it.

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I wonder if you're referring to "The Seven-Year Itch." Are you?

Hollywood has some explaining to do.

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and why are we buried? did we offend anyone?

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Still a better love story than twilight

Im still confused how she got four states away in only two hours. Why has no one discussed this?

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#83 She could've already been on the way when she called. And even if she wasn't, some states (like the northeast) are small & don't take long to travel across.

93- I live in upstate New York and even the smallest of states around here, definitely would never take just two hours to travel across FOUR of them. Either way it seems a little far-fetched to assume she got two hours away and THEN contacted him. But that's just my opinion.

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Maybe she was already on her way to his state when she contacted him. She could have been traveling to her home state possibly (maybe they're from the same place) with family she intended on staying with... And instead made a stop at his place once she got the okay that he would hang out with her. Who knows but that's the only thing I can think of that could justify the 2 hours and 4 states away scenario.

She was on her way before they talked. Or she sent it before that and he responded 2 hours before she showed up. She's crazy enough to drive 4 states and beg. I bet she would start driving before he answered a message.

I'm pretty sure i can drive from RI, through MA, and cut through a corner of NH into ME in about two hours.

#1 it probably wouldve been if she wasnt married

She was down the street at Starbucks or in the car on the way.

burn the place down, there's nothing left for you there

He should just close the door and sit back on his couch and pretend it never happened.

I don't even know what to tell him, that's creepy as hell!

Dude, if she can go four states in two hours, you'd better run hella fast

@40, Except a nice, fat home insurance check

Sounds like she has too much baggage OP, might be good not to get involved.

You mean a husband and kids? Nah don't be silly lol

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She's obviously going to find him, so hiding won't do him any good.

Have a talk, ask what makes her "want you' if it's the case of an unloving/abuse husband or wife, send them in the right direction for help and be a friend.

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First sensitive comment, good job :)

I'm sure you must have been very surprised to see the state she was in.

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It was a sad state of affair.

That would actually be redundant here. Saying "girlfriend from high school" implies it was in the past.

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This is the age of shared info, a simple Google search can actually reveal where you live. :) Call the authorities and have them sort your "girlfriend" out. Now. Before it's too late...

Its true. For $10 people can buy your full phone number, address and where you work....creepy huh