By ohokay - 24/01/2013 02:59 - United States - Bronx

Today, I found my boyfriend's Facebook page. I also found his wife's. FML
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You should friend Request her! That will burst his cheating bubble.

Good day it is then! Start the celebrations! You now know him for the ass he is.


Good day it is then! Start the celebrations! You now know him for the ass he is.

AbstraktThoughts 13

Damn what's up with all the shitty assholes getting the attention? :'( what about the nice guys!

#16 - The nice guys honestly do, as long as they're also funny and clever :). Not only the douches

laughtersplay 14

Honestly speaking with these type of FMLs, Op should be thankful she's the girlfriend rather than the wife. All she has to do is cut off connection with him, while the wife has a house, possibly kids, and a divorce to deal with.

This is FML!! Why would we post the positive things?? Doesn't mean the good guys done exist. :)

oj101 33

Perhaps it's just a very close friendship/marriage kind of relationship on Facebook, like when two girls who are best friends list that they're in a relationship, even when they're not actually lesbians.

oj101 33

Never just assume, or jump the gun, especially when you're getting your "information" from Facebook.

xStaciexLynnx 15

Even if it was a very close friend, I don't think I'd like my boyfriend to have someone else listed as a wife.

My girlfriend has her BFF as her girlfriend. Because I don't have Facebook.

I did it with my best friend, but if I get a boyfriend or him a girlfriend we get divorced, don't know how it started, but he even got me a wife birthday card. Everyone knows if I'm classed as married to him it means I'm single.

74- perhaps this is why you're single. If I met someone and they were listed as "married" on Facebook I would lose interest.

I did it as a joke when I was single and my best friends husband wouldn't add her back on after she had a tantrum and fb dumped him (lol). She facebook dumped me awhile later for her real husband. Sad.

84, I'm actually in a long-term relationship and have a daughter.

I think somebody's got something to explain.

You should friend Request her! That will burst his cheating bubble.

Then they would gang up on him and kick him in his two timing nutsack!

bingbongbingbong 11

Err, he's her boyfriend, but has a wife? What's not wrong with that?

Laurenluvz 11

I'm sure you're one of the people who believed that OP deserved to be cheated on..

#6- Something tells me you're probably single. Either that or don't care about real relationships so you just go **** random people which will eventually lead to your future depression.

I don't normally approve of all the 'DUMP HIM!!!' comments but in this case, if she is definitely his wife, do it. And make sure she knows he's a dirty cheater! And you could always drag him onto the Jeremy Kyle show for added fun.

Completely agree, although she sounds like too much of a normal person to be on the Jeremy Kyle show.

Take a closer look. You might find the rest of his girlfriends, too.

People , chill, he's not an ass, he's just a muslim. Looks like you're going to be wife nr. 2. OP.