By Tryingmybest - 14/07/2016 21:44 - Japan - Akita

Today, I'm studying abroad in Japan. For the first time, I had to ride the train home from school alone. My host sister told me which train and the time it left. I sat down on the train, feeling proud of myself when I realized she didn't tell me what stop was ours, and I barely speak Japanese. FML
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Hey! OP here. Thanks for your concern, everyone! ありがとう! So what happened was my school is an hour away from my host family's home, and I've only taken it a few times so far with my host sister. So I really panicked when I got on the train and forgot what number our stop was! And my wifi doesn't work here, so Google Translate was a no go. So I sort of just sat there quietly panicking for an hour. Luckily, I have taken a year of Japanese and was able to ask some basic questions, and the announcer said the name of my town at least five times before we arrived, so in the end all was okay! Also, Japan is awesome.

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That's tough. I hope you recognized something and got to where you needed to go


That's tough. I hope you recognized something and got to where you needed to go

Hope you made it home safe! I know it can be stressful in that kind of situation!

If you know your home address maybe someone working at the station can help you (assuming one of them can speak and understand english)...

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Call your host or send them an sms. If you have a map app on your phone, turn it on next time you leave the house and save the regular routes. That way, you will know where you are going to and where to return. Follow up and let us know how you resolved it.

Let us know how this story ends, OP. Seems it could be interesting.

Oh that's the worst. There's also a really spiffy train app you can get, so you can program where you need to go in and it will tell you what trains you need to take. It's how I survived the week I was in Japan. I only know a handful of Japanese words and phrases, myself.

Good thing Japan is a tiny island. You can't get too far away...

When's the last time you looked at a map? Educate yourself please.

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What are you talking about Japan is fcking huge

Fortunately, it's 2016 and technology is here to help you get home. Right?