By notwhatithought - Germany - Erlangen


Today, the professor I've had a crush on informed me that there's only one way left I could still pass his course. Thinking this was an attempt to flirt with me, I told him I'd do anything he could imagine. He then looked confused when he asked me to write an essay. FML
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By  NonoMeow  |  18

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  JustinJK  |  21

I've led profs on before for better grades. *shrug*

  EdenZombies  |  9

Wow. pepul r dumbbbzzz.
They probably won't get that either.

  MRSwick2525  |  23

Bahahahahaha!!!! #3 I'm not sure why but I laughed pretty loud when I read this!! And I agree with it. I thought I was reading a Lifetime Movie description when I read OP's post!!!

  pooldude  |  24

i think she is in college, so she is above the age of consent. it is not illegal according to the law but in some colleges its against the rules. Varies from place to place

  heyLaddieHey  |  18

I think the professor risks their job having sex with a student who is in their class. However, if an adult college student is sleeping with an adult professor who isn't in charge of their grades I doubt anything can be done.

  KaidensCrow  |  18

in America it doesn't matter if the professor is in charge of your grades or not. they are risking their teaching licence not just their job to do anything with a student. that's if they are legal age to consent. otherwise it's statutory rape and they will go to prison and have to register as a sex offender for the rest of their lives. and they will lose their teaching licence. I don't know about other countries.