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Today, I found out that my husband keeps in contact with the woman he was infatuated with in high school. He texts her more than he texts me. FML
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To be fair he probably sees you everyday, where he does see her alot

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I would say trust him, but that's just too suspicious. I say get his texts from your phone company, if it's nothing than it's nothing & you can be happy knowing he loves you. If there are some hints then you can think about how you feel with a man who only commits part of his heart to you.


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well if you are a bad wife then ydi but if aren't then fyl for having a possible cheating husband. sorry op!

I did not have textual relations with that woman!

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I don't know if it's just me but when adults whine about getting texts it pisses me off... YDI for whining about text messages

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well get on Facebook and find guys from ur highschool to text and do it in front of ur husband.

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I hate it when my husband texts other men more than he texts me!

I hope you don't gauge the success of your marriage by how much you text each other.

well at least u won him over in the end

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MissErikaHart, well that's just juvenile

Omg... 22 this is why I read fml's. comments like that are by far the best part.

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To be fair he probably sees you everyday, where he does see her alot

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I was going to say that...if you aren't keeping him happy he will find someone who will

Just because her husband texts other women doesn't necessarily mean she's a bad wife. For all we know she could be a wonderful and loving wife, but we can't really say anything since it's not mentioned in the FML. Please don't jump to conclusions and say that "she's probably a bad wife".

Men cheat for many more reasons that having a bad wife. Blaming it on the wife without having more details shows your immaturity.

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Why are you assuming that the OP's husband is cheating? There's nothing wrong with texting another woman. The OP is allowed to get jealous, but she has to realize that her spouse is going to have women friends. He most likely doesn't feel like he has to text her more often because he probably sees her everyday.

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wow...obviously he's not over should just let them have each other and move on

Ain't it possible to remain friends instead of cursing eachother when you break up? Is it possible that, in fact, husbands and wives SEE eachother enough and do not need to text? ;)

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4 is dead on and 31 it's nice to see some that are still innocent to the world

Pretty much. I know exactly what she's going through, I tend to attract 'torch carriers', too. It usually isn't apparent in the beginning, or her presence is explained as 'she's just a friend', but months or years down the road, the whole story eventually comes out and you find out the whole time you were devoted to him, he wasn't really with you, as he was off with whatever woman he was still carrying a torch for for whatever reason. :/

u can't really say " just move on " I mean come on they are MARRIED Lol

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I would say trust him, but that's just too suspicious. I say get his texts from your phone company, if it's nothing than it's nothing & you can be happy knowing he loves you. If there are some hints then you can think about how you feel with a man who only commits part of his heart to you.

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YDI for using the word "infatuated." Half of the people here might not know what it means. :p

hmmm... I'm curious since when do adults text to each other. You adults need to stick with Yahoo, and leave us teens to our BBM's.

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First of all, Blackberries suck, if you don't have a new droid or iphone 4, your more behind the times than my grandparents. Secondly, following your logic, once you turn 18, you should switch to Yahoo and ditch your ancient device.

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I'm 16 and don't know what BBM means lol

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That's your opinion. Don't state your opinion as if it's a fact. Everybody has their own preference, and some people prefer Blackberries over iPhones or Droids. BBM = BlackBerryMessenger.

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there's nothing wrong with adults texting! old people that might b a lil weird but if ur in ur 20s texting is totally cool

Yeah nothing wrong with them txting I'm just goofing around. You ppl take stuff seriously on this site lol. Also blackberrys are hot down here in Canada, but he states may be different.

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naw I'm too cool to take this site seriously or much of anything for that matter. I just b havin fun on here.

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Exactly, dump him. Obviously you're not good enough to his eye. You can find somebody better.

for what you both just said is why America is so immoral these days. divorce should be the very last option. and shouldn't even be a choice, actually. they are both in the wrong but they should work it out.

So? Maybe they're friends? Not all exes hate each other after a breakup. And an infatuation in high school probably means nothing now. YDI for whining instead of talking to him about it.

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This. And so what if he texts her more? My fiance is probably the person I text least, because usually, I TALK to him. I don't see the need to text him.

I don't find it appropriate to be texting another man for whom I've had feelings for, only because I know it'd make my partner jealous or feel somewhat insecure. I'd avoid that situation as best I can, because I'm SENSITIVE TO MY PARTNER'S FEELINGS. And him texting his high school crush more? He shouldn't be contacting another woman, even on a 'friendly' basis, more than he does his wife, regardless that he sees his wife every day. And yes, when he starts cheating, guess who it'll be with...

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114, it didn't say he contacts other women more often than his wife. It says he texts other women more often than his wife. "When he cheats...." really? This part of your post offended me the most. The word you were looking for is "if". IF he cheats. You don't know OP or her husband, and can't be sure whether or not he will cheat. I can't stand people assuming that someone will cheat. Seriously, it drives me absolutely crazy. While I'm at it, the part about how you don't text other men who you had feelings for in the past because you're sensitive to your partners feelings, and it would make him jealous, that offended me too (jeeze, what a long sentence!). Not everyone gets jealous because their partner text messages people. My fiance is friends with all but one of his high school girlfriends, and definitely texts at least one of them more than me. I have no problem with this. They have been friends for a long time. Just because he and I are engaged now doesn't mean he should have to talk to his friends less. (Woah. I sound like a total bitch.)

As far as I know, texting falls under the category of contacting. True, I don’t know the OP or her husband. Neither does anyone else here. So we don’t know how strong husband’s feelings are for the old flame, or even if there are any romantic feelings for her at all, whether or not he has cheated in the past etc etc etc See, I’m doing something that usually gets people into trouble: I’m making assumptions. I made that assumption because in my experience, when you’re in contact with an old flame, inevitably, romantic feelings get stirred up, however mild or intense. Again, in my experience - and based on how I sometimes get possessive feelings when a partner is in contact with an ex or old flame - I avoid keeping contact with those I’ve had feelings for, or who have had feelings for me before. See? I’m just tryna not avoid my partner’s pride of feelings being hurt, even slightly. My partner has plenty of female friends, just like I have plenty of male friends. It’s just that I tend to keep away from the ones I had feelings for, you know? And I don’t think your comment was bitchy. Everyone has a right to an opinion, I was just stating mine =) P.S. sorry for the essay!

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Maybe he's not over her. :( You should try and do something to make him forget her and spice up your marriage. But if he really loves her, idk. :c

you still didn't answer my proposal, i'm kind of disappointed...

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D: Find someone else to marry. :<