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Today, my dad found out I got a tattoo behind his back and is really really upset. When I got home from work my car wasn't in the driveway. When I asked my dad where it was, he replied "you'll get it back when your tattoo comes off." FML
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When you willfully break the rules, don't come crying to FML when you see the consequences.

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report the car as stolen. it's your body. unless it's not actually owned by you. then suck up & buy your own


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It's called make up.... just cover it up. Smart one!

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when you're responsible enough for your own car

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YDI you damn ****. I would do that if I were your dad.

yeah, i was gonna suggest make up... no-brainer... good car?

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wait..... if u got home from work.... and ur car wasn't there.... how the hell did u get to work dude...?

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At the very least she could've waited until she was all grown up and prepared to make that decision herself and live with it. Which is probably why her dad had such a reaction in the first place.

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Your knowledge of chattel law is astoundingly false o.O Owning property does in no way entitle a party to seize anything on that property, and if the car belonged to OP (for this case let us assume the name on the Pink slip grants ownership, regardless of how it was financed) the father has no right to seize it and hold it ransom. Furthermore there is no implied right to act on the behalf of any non-minor persons living with the home owner, the sole right that is reserved is to terminate her right to live with them.

theblazian 0

But he also doesn't have to pay for it either. She could also pay rent and for her car insurance and for her food but she probably doesn't. Point being their house, their money, their rules. Don't like it? Then GTFO.

My point exactly, the parents have no rights to try to force their daughter to do anything, all they can do is tell her to leave. Their rules have no binding whatsoever outside of them actually demanding that she vacate their house.

Tattoos are not destroying precious skin, tattoos add a piece of artwork or memory or anything special to you forever so it's not forgotten ( plus they look wicked cool sometimes )

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totally agree with others. live under your own roof and pay the bills then you can decide what to do with your life. who knows that tat might stop you from getting that job you want.

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If the father paid for the car he has every right to take it away

If the OP still lives at home, yeah he does, especially if he brought her the car.

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yea but if the OP is living with her parents still, then he has every right to do so. Or he could be a hard-ass and just say, "You want to be an adult and go get a tatoo on your own? you go find somewhere to live on your own"

ford_f250 0

wow. clearly ur a goodie two shoes who gives a shit it's America. free country. it's her body I have tats it's an awesome way to express oneself

If he paid for the car and his daughter is presumably living in is house rent free...yeah, he has a right.

u sound like an annoying mum... ooh I want what's best for you...go kill urself

And you could like a bratty kid who thinks they're entitled to everything and their parents simply have to provide it for them. No one's saying it's not a good way to express yourself ford. There are a lot of reasons why parents wouldn't want their kids getting tattoos at a young age (job prospects, seeing as her name is tattooface and her dad was aware she'd had it done it was probably somewhere quite visible, regrets with changing tastes as you grow up) so if she wants to make adult choices against her parents will then she needs to start acting like one and move out of her parents house and buy her own car.

People seem to use the "free country" argument where it doesn't apply. If she's 18 (or whatever the minimum age where she is), then she can legally get a tattoo. It doesn't mean she doesn't have to face any consequences. Her parents set the rules for the house, and can enforce them as long as they aren't breaking any laws. If her dad owned the car (most kids' first cars are in their parents' names so they can just add them to their existing insurance), then he can do whatever he wants with it, even if it's "her" car in the sense that she's the one who normally drives it. Even if she owns the car, he could have it towed off of his property. (just noticed that the OP's gender isn't specified, and I've been using "she." Oh well)

If she "Went behind her parents back" it means she got it somewhere NOT visable, and somehow slipped up when around her father. Also, it doesn't say she's young per se. Most tattoo places won't let you get a tattoo without parental permission until you're 18.

XcuzimsotiredX 25

Why can I choose a career for the rest of my life at 17, but not put ink on my skin?

#3 why is everyone assuming he bought the car? is that an American thing? I'd assume OP bought the car themselves

Aeolian 0

When you willfully break the rules, don't come crying to FML when you see the consequences.

KrazyKatz3 26

Isn't that kind of the point of FML?

Parenting Win! My Gf's 4 year old whines about consequences too...

well, she's 4. do you expect her to take it like a man? btw, nice tramp stamp, OP. (Y)

she was bein sarcastic and insulting the OP by sayin he is a four year old

Its a tattoo! it's not like she's killed someone, your dad needs to get with it!!

The OP's dad told them not to get a tattoo, yet they did so anyways. The dad is simply being a good parent. If I went behind my parents' backs and did something like that I'd be shipped back to Russia in a tiny box and be stuck living with my grandparents.

gigi2009 0

report the car as stolen. it's your body. unless it's not actually owned by you. then suck up & buy your own

#7 it might be her body, but the one who's responsible for that body is still her dad. (she still lives with him)

I make the following assumptions when someone Does a FML vs parents and doesnt state otherwise: Minor, not paying rent Propperty is owned by, and paid for parents (ie 'my car', 'my room') Punishments were stated as potential consequences before the act Parents are doing their best, in good faith, to raise their children to be responsible.

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As much as I want to agree with you, #120, it's taking everything I can to not argue with you. Seriously, you sound like a 14-year-old "badass" trying to prove how cool you are.

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I OWN MY OWN BODY! ..... and my parents own everything else.... FIGHT THE POWER!

negative, you only own you body when you leave the house for good. you came from them therefore you are theirs till you're gone from the house.

Yeah because getting back at your parents for taking "your" car (even if it is really OP's) is totally worth getting kicked out of your rent free living situation...

No, it's not their job to just cater to your every want and let you run around doing whatever you feel like. It's their job to provide you your basic needs and raise you until you turn 18. Grow up or GTFO, and take your self-entitlement with you.

#236, if you're so upset by how whiny "FML highschoolers" are, how can you stand to be so whiny yourself? You were very likely the same way when you were younger, you just didn't have a medium such as the internet to vent. Also, nowhere in this FML did it specify the OP's age. You're just another crabby old fart waving their cane at anyone younger than you and yammering on about "the good old days." (Edit: I see he's been banned. Good riddance.)

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That is retarded, how old are you? If you're like at least 18 then that's just plain ridiculous. You have a job &+ what not I don't see why he wouldn't let you.

If he's still your legal guardian, then tough luck. If not, he's a dick. And if it's your car, he's also a dick and you can report it stolen.

omg what the hell?!!! if my dad did this id kill him! he hates tatoos. shouldve waited until u moved out :/ my dad better not do that wen i get mine ! wat u get?!

xDex_ 3

yea I totally think u would actually kill him. Its not Facebook either she's not going too respond

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