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Today, I found out that my obese son, who is on a health-mandated diet and exercise plan, gorges on junk food whenever he has the chance. His logic? "It won't make you fatter if you crap it out." FML
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That's what I tell myself too 'Oh no my jeans don't fit' 'Oh it's ok i just haven't had a shit today'


Is it just me or does he sound like he's has a version of binge-purge syndrome (is that bullimia?). He's either just reeally dumb and doesn't know how the digestive system works, or he has a disorder.

maybe you should not buy junk food? cos if its in your house the temptation will always be there

Maybe OP isn't buying the junk food, perhaps their son is purchasing the food for himself without OP knowing (till now).

I don't think OP buys his kid junk food, else he wouldn't be surprised. I'm just curious what goes on in this kid's head... The way he thinks nobody would EVER get fat

No matter the age it sounds like he needs some education about the whole way foods affect the body. It's something I never was taught in school & it should be or by the parents! I feel bad for chubby kids that end up picked on in school for it. It's not their fault that their parents never taught them about carbs...sad really! So sounds like lack of parenting & teaching if he's not old enough to know. Oh, and you should've kicked his ass out from in front of the Xbox & made him go play outside long before it had to come this plan he's on now!

Poor kid :-/ food really can be an addiction and an awful one at that.

I agree, it can be an addiction, and just as hard to overcome as drugs. I don't think this is a FML or a YDI. I think your son needs help.

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Op, i was a pretty fat kid and my parents wanted me to lose weight badly. Nothing they did worked because i didnt care about my weight. When i finally gave a damn, i started to lose weight, and now, im living a healthy lifestyle. Moral of the story: OP, it sucks that ur kid is fat, but unless HE wants that to change, nothing u say or do will work. Youve got to get him to want to change himself.

Everytime I see someone obese I feel very sad as they get picked on and it looks very hard to lose. I feel very bad for those people and it also could not have been their fault as they could have never known the stuff they eat makes them fat.

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Telling your kid they are stupid, I don't know about you, but I don't think that would help, that's more likely to make things worse.

Not tell them they are stupid, tell them they're being stupid, there's a difference. Maybe not in those words, however it's clear the son needs educating, and quickly, before he eats himself to death.

well yes and no. its more likely that he will have a premature death with that kind of excessive eating but there are cases that have people over 90 that are over 300 ponds. I would tell him that its his life and he's going to be dealing with his weight problem, but if he sit there and tell you (and mean it) that he is fine with having a fat body then let him have it. best of luck op :)


That's what I tell myself too 'Oh no my jeans don't fit' 'Oh it's ok i just haven't had a shit today'

Yeah me too, I take a shit and now my shoes fit my feet.


The logic if flawless, works for everyone

On one side, he is an idiot, though it could also be denial. He needs to understand losing the weight will benefit him for the rest of his life. Keep at him, OP. It's really hard to break those habits when you just start making the changes.

Explain to him from a caring perspective that this type of thinking is exactly what got him into this flabby mass of a body. Proceed to toss a celery stock into his gravitational pull and hope it makes its way into his pie-hole.

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I genuinely enjoyed reading this

I did too. It's funny not sure about all the down votes. Sorry for a sick sense of humor.

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Yes, because insulting your own child is a good thing to do...

For you, Sammy, this is what it looks like: "Honey, that's the reason why you're struggling so much with your weight now, isn't it? Here have some healthy food, instead." Now go be needlessly offended elsewhere. We're having fun over here.

I forgot that the digestive system was actually just a chute leading from mouth to ass. That's probably why he's speaking such shit.

Apparently metabolism doesn't exist in his vocabulary...