By Anonymous - / Monday 2 September 2013 05:14 / United States - Asheboro
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  SoLDarkLord53  |  12

That's because he's trying to hide the fact he is a bad teacher. Some teachers were like this to me on high school. And those were only in the classes that no one really learned a thing.

By  starile  |  19

Whatever happened to school being for learning, anymore? Now it's all politics. This is probably the same teacher that would have you leave the room for correcting their mistake.

  8born8  |  18

Perhaps the other students should pick up their game, get their thumbs out of their arses and be productive in a timely and efficient manner? [Wow, parent mode on! lol] Initiative, organization, planning, self discipline and
elbow grease are some of the skills needed if you want to be a high academic achiever and push the scholastic boundaries so you can be all you can be. One does not get far resting on ones' laurels.

  8born8  |  18

When I was a kid and didn't know the meaning of something, I would ask my mum who would tell me to look it up for myself. And we didn't have computers or smart phones to get the answer in an instant. There was a book called a dictionary & it had the information I needed to learn the meaning or spelling of something without having to worry if it was from a reliable source or edited by some punk with a computer. Seek and ye shall find.


In my experience, people who can't do the work study their asses off to try- usually some of the best people ever. The assholes who don't turn shit in is because they'd rather play Xbox or see their girlfriends, not because they can't do it.


When I started college my advisor said I would be ready for the calculus program even though I had only taken precalculus in high school. The first assignment my professor started with, "If you're in this class you should already know..." And listed off 15 things with only one I had ever even heard of. I was at least 15 classes behind the first week. Sooooo... Needless to say I dropped that class.

By  rawme21  |  12

Well, luckily you live your own life, achieving your own goals, and you shouldn't have to worry about the achievements of your fellow students. Professors should encourage their students, not hold them back!

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