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I think she's really confused because in Science classes you learn that (and I don't remember the EXACT thing so don't crucify me) there are certain ways to render things completely valueless, ie. with heat, freezing, etc. she's probably just taken this and ran with it


That's what the FML community does. Make a small mistake and everyone loses it. OP, I hope your daughter stops soon before she becomes huge.

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Actually 54, the obese are putting the a huge strain on our healthcare system (see: tax dollars). Also, her stupidity just hurt my brain a little... So yes, she's hurting others.

Of course! And didn't you know that if you leave food out in the sun all the fatty stuff melts away so you don't gain weight either?


And if you turn it upside down and shake it, all the calories fall off. Also, there are no calories in food that someone else brings to the party, office, etc.


And the acts of sharing and taste testing negate the calories, so if you split something with a friend or only have one bite, it doesn't count.


Seriously, when my cousins and I were kids, my dad had them convinced that if you hold food upside down the calories fall off. Made for some interesting family pictures.

At least she's not obsessed with eating fried foods? Sorry that's the closest thing to a "bright side" that I can think of here.

___[]___ [ [POLICE] wow Shes been playing hooky from Cooking class [ |[#][#]|] [|[ ][o]|] [ [ |[ ][ ]|] [ |[ ][ ]| --------

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