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Today, my teacher confiscated my cell phone for text messaging. He said he would give it back if the next text that I would receive was important. I prayed the guy I've been texting didn't send the dick pic he said he was going to. He did. FML
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so did your teacher give you your phone back? hahh

She was texting inappropriate things to this guy, too anal about it? The guy sent her a dick picture WHILE SHE WAS IN CLASS....>_< THIS is why the teachers are too anal about it.


so did your teacher give you your phone back? hahh

ok first of all, in SOME schools, teachers have the right to confiscate 'disruptive objects' for a limited amount of time, like till the end of the class or the day, but they MUST give it back. ----------- BUT!!! they definety cannot open the phone and read the messages without the person's consent (or a search warrent) ------------- Also, for those of u saying that minors have no rights under the constitution, remeber the first line of it?? it says "WE THE PEOPLE", it doesnt say "WE THE ADULTS", also are you saying that teachers can just go up to a random kid and pull down thier pants?? because they have no right of privacy?? ------------ for those who say that teachers have right since school are government property, i ask u, isnt roads/streets/highways also gov't property?? your saying that the moment i leave my house and step on the street, my rights are somehow "diminished"?? overall i find teachers have maken a wayy to big a fuss out off cellphones....STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS PEOPLE!!!

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Rebel over the internets!

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145 your retarded, my school can and will keep phones till the end of the year. There was a court case about this not too long ago after veitnam, students do not keep ALL rights once they step into school

but they do keep many of them. the teacher can NOT read the message

Teachers can do whatever they want with your phone.

When the teachers at my school take someones phone, they give it to the principal, and he will look at EVERY SINGLE text message you've sent/recieved. OP, why the crap were you sexting in class? And if you are under 18, they can legally arrest you for sexting, I believe

i like you.

what if it's an iPhone? the message pops up on the screen and if it's a picture, it's almost impossible to not see it

i bet the teacher got a boner:P

145- anger issues much ?

That reminds me of the time when my teacher took my phone and texted my mom saying he took it. he also used the last of my minutes with that text

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what a biitch teacher!

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bobbymullet 11

have you not read the comments before you..?

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Mainly you're right. But if a parent consents, the child has no say. The same way if you rent your place, and your landlord consents to a search of the place, you have no say.

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Teachers CAN NOT read the messgages. When you phone is taken, take the battery out! You have the right to and at your school for the one saying the principal reads all your texts, thats invasion of personal space and can be arrested or fined. We do still have rights in school, but extra laws to listen to as well. If the Supreme Court said kids have no rights in school, it would be mayhem. Pure mayhem. I wouldnt let my kids go to school and some teachers would be even meanier and stricter than now. If we have no rights, why are teachers not allowed to beat us? Teachers have been arrested for violating a students RIGHTS before, therefore, kids do have rights.

IMHO it would depend at the age of the guy. If he would not be a minor, why to arrest OP? For abusing a kid with sexting, nevertheless that OP herself was the kid? If that is the case - WTF is wrong with this law?

For everyone saying the school/teacher/etc has no right to look at the texts and that it's illegal, check the student-parent handbooks your school gives you at the beginning of the year. They almost always include a technology agreement where you wave your right to privacy on any technology you bring onto campus. The last four schools I've taught at had that in it, as did the high school I attended (right before cellphones became cheap and ubiquitous).

In order to attend school in my county, all students have to sign a contract saying that their cell phone/computer is the property of the school during school hours. We have no rights over it.

Actually... Due to many cases involving students bringing in illegal things, the school can search you just for the sake of suspicion

Stand up for your rights. Take the phone from him. Forcibly, if need be.

Most high schools have rules against cell phone use. If she chooses to ignore those rules, confiscation is totally valid.

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Someones a rebel.They were texting **inappropiately** during a class, and the teacher took up their phone, because about 9 out of 10 schools have a no phone policy.

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Dude fuck that. My property is my property. When I was in school they tried taking my cell from me. I said touch it and I break your hand. Teacher tried touching it and I tried breaking her hand. My parents backed me up at told the school to stop being big brother. Btw straight A student here

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Your an idiot. And it sounds like you have anger issues for you to try and break your teacher's hand. Why the hell would your parents back you up?

Fucking good on you! I would do the same thing, it's my property, don't touch it.

I agree with #4, teachers are way too anal about texting. My chem teacher grabbed my phone from me in class even though I wasn't texting, I was using it as a calculator..

She was texting inappropriate things to this guy, too anal about it? The guy sent her a dick picture WHILE SHE WAS IN CLASS....>_< THIS is why the teachers are too anal about it.

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u dont need to be worried about dicks anyway. you whippersnappers need to stay in those books!

Your life is great. That's one of the most interesting stories I've ever heard, and it'll be a hit at parties.

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HAHA WOW!!! that sucks.....maybe next time no text like that In school?

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are u a guy or a girl?

where was the guy who sent you the picture of his dick? was he in school too??? i think his teacher should have been the one to take the cell phone!

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if its school policy then the teacher has every right to take it .. not saying LIKE this policy but rules are rules and you just gotta live by em

if its school policy then the teacher has every right to take it .. not saying LIKE this policy but rules are rules and you just gotta live by em

I dont know where you live, but where I live, purchasing cigarettes underage is illegal however smoking them underage isn't.

Actually, it IS illegal if you're underage . . .

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It's called child pornography. Which is illegal. I agree phones shouldn't be taken up, but they should still be punished for it.

Um actually it is illegal to have pictures like that underaged. The person who sent the picture committed a crime. Ever heard of Child Pornography? Unless of course they're in college but I seriously doubt it.

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If OP is under 18 where I live the crime would be possession of child pornography

When I was in 3rd grade my teacher confiscated my Chapstick and wouldn't even give it back when my lips were bleeding...I don't think teachers care if what they're doing is right.