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Today, I resigned from my job in favor of a higher-paying one. After I filled out and filed the necessary papers, my boss told me that I had been nominated to replace him when he retired in a month. His job pays at least twice what I'm now making. Thanks for telling me, asshat. FML
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VooDooCarrie91 19

He could have been saying that just because you had already left.


VooDooCarrie91 19

He could have been saying that just because you had already left.

Harshdfml 14

Yeah probably. He could have been throwing you a bone to burn your Ass.. Either way, I'd say YDI for leaving the job because if your boss said so to you, you might have worked there for a long time. Still, Goodluck for your new job!

He probably was, because isn't that something you would know about or at least suspect? If they nominated OP for a higher position I would think they'd let him know at the time, but even if they didn't, wouldn't there be some hints that OP was doing a great job and might be up for promotion?

True, most likely he is just mindfucking you to begin with. If you where seriously considered to be replacing someone within a month, don't you think they atleast would have contacted you to have a talk about it. And to prepare you? Otherwise it is a pretty terrible company to just put someone in a spot and know what to do without proper training.

My thoughts exactly #1! He's was just trying to make you regret leaving the company. You probably would have been notified by now if that were true.

ViRepz 28

And it doesn't mean the OP will get the same money his boss did anyway.

TheCaramelKing 11

He was nominated (or so we are told) to take his bosses position, Of course he'd make as much as the boss.

I was trained to replace a network engineer at the office I work at who had given his heads up for a resignation. He makes 100+ dollars an hour. I will make 22 dollars an hour. You never make as much money as the more experienced.

#58 as a network engineer? You must be at the wrong company. I can't imagine someone paying that low unless you're a contractor and your agency sucks. You should negotiate more. They are shafting you big time, maybe you don't have enough experience for $100, but there is no way they should be giving you $22/hr. How is that fair, on avg network engineers make $68,000. Sorry for going on, but that upset me

cryssycakesx3 22

pay rate depends on the area too.

It sounds as though you should have spoken to him before you decided to resign.

If OP's boss thought he'd win, I think he might've said something before he resigned.

Probably best not to tell someone until it is official.

antny082787 5

Agreed. That does not mean you will get it. The same situation happened to me but my boss was still working long after I left.

Are you going to edit that and make some witty comment when you're ready?

can you pull put of your resignation??? I would!

You can pull out of many things. Resignation is not one.

well in Australia you can pull out of your resignation!!

Terrible timing. He may have just been saying that though. Just to make you regret your decision.

Such is the way of life. Maybe you'll learn at your next job to ask/work toward a promotion if you need a pay raise instead of starting over at a totally new company. Hopefully your boss won't be a complete asshole. That was kind of important information he kept hidden there.