By Anonymous - United States - Woburn
Today, I resigned from my job in favor of a higher-paying one. After I filled out and filed the necessary papers, my boss told me that I had been nominated to replace him when he retired in a month. His job pays at least twice what I'm now making. Thanks for telling me, asshat. FML
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  Harshdfml  |  14

Yeah probably. He could have been throwing you a bone to burn your Ass.. Either way, I'd say YDI for leaving the job because if your boss said so to you, you might have worked there for a long time. Still, Goodluck for your new job!

  VeganVampyre  |  26

He probably was, because isn't that something you would know about or at least suspect? If they nominated OP for a higher position I would think they'd let him know at the time, but even if they didn't, wouldn't there be some hints that OP was doing a great job and might be up for promotion?

  Zanquis  |  22

True, most likely he is just mindfucking you to begin with. If you where seriously considered to be replacing someone within a month, don't you think they atleast would have contacted you to have a talk about it. And to prepare you? Otherwise it is a pretty terrible company to just put someone in a spot and know what to do without proper training.

  not_a_robot  |  15

I was trained to replace a network engineer at the office I work at who had given his heads up for a resignation. He makes 100+ dollars an hour. I will make 22 dollars an hour. You never make as much money as the more experienced.


#58 as a network engineer? You must be at the wrong company. I can't imagine someone paying that low unless you're a contractor and your agency sucks. You should negotiate more. They are shafting you big time, maybe you don't have enough experience for $100, but there is no way they should be giving you $22/hr. How is that fair, on avg network engineers make $68,000. Sorry for going on, but that upset me

By  EMT3713  |  14

Such is the way of life. Maybe you'll learn at your next job to ask/work toward a promotion if you need a pay raise instead of starting over at a totally new company. Hopefully your boss won't be a complete asshole. That was kind of important information he kept hidden there.