By depressed - United States
  Today, a girl I have been wanting for years told me she was drunk and needed me to take her home. On the way home she was very frisky and flirty, and I kept telling her to wait till we got to her place. When we finally arrived, she passed out on me and I was stuck there watching her sleep. FML
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  DGross  |  8

First off, YDI for wanting to take advantage of her

However, that being said, maybe he stayed to make sure she was ok...

If I brought a girl back like that I would probably stay close by too b/c back in HS one of my friends (not a close one but i knew him) got drunk and chocked on his own vomit b/c everyone thought he would sleep it off...

  Fatalally  |  4

Wow OP, if your that desperate that you have to sleep with a drunk girl, then your seriously mental. I hope she finds out about this incident and kicks your ass for even thinking to have sex with her. You sir, need to get an f'in life.


This is the true story, how it really went. OP had to leave out a few details, though:

"Today, I was actually gunna score with a hot chick. I kinda suspected that she was intoxicated, not just because she was slurring her words, but because she really seemed to want to fuck me. Outrageous. So, I tell her to wait until we get to the motel, down the road. After purchasing lubricant, gloves, a disposable camera, and some whipped cream at the corner store, I come back to find her passed out. How am I supposed to do this by myself? How do you do it? What hole do you put it in? What position are we s'pposed to start off in?. I don't know what to do. I was s'pposed to lose my virginity tonight. I'm too old for this shit. FML"

  tencentsakiss  |  19

Honestly, I hate to let you in on the secret, but she probably did what most of us girls have done at some point when we've been drunk. Are you sure that she wasn't just pretending to pass out so she wouldn't have to deal with you trying to sleep with her? Seriously, horny guys are so annoying sometimes. Why was she so flirty at first? Did I mention we can be whores for attention, even when we aren't interested. Sorry :/

By  KiDD66  |  0

oh well YDI cause you were about to have sex with her super drunk and maybe she was just frisky cause she didnt know what she was doing so good thing she just slept!

  gatorgirl7563  |  22

This guy isn't a rapist, or attempted rapist, or future rapist, or almost rapist. His almost-partner was not only willing, but eager, and he did nothing when she passed out.

I am female. When it comes to rape, I don't blame the victim (What was she doing there so late at night?, What did she think would happen when she left the house wearing that?, etc). I recognize the difference between getting a woman drunk and getting her consent. However, I also believe that if a woman (or man) becomes drunk and *wants* to have sex with another person, it just fine to accept, because they are choosing to engage in the act willingly. If a person regrets their drunk sex the morning after, then they shouldn't get so drunk in the first place.

While I don't believe in blaming the victim, and the decision to rape or not is 100% the man's choice, sometimes, under certain circumstances like when a victim has acted with exceptional stupidity, the victim deserves to have a small amount blame directed their way.

Let's face it: no double standards for anyONE also means no double standards for anyTHING. If a person gets drunk and decided to drive drunk or jumps off their roof or picks a fight or does some other ridiculously stupid thing that results in personal injury or property damage, we say it's totally YDI. So, why is it not totally YDI when a person (regardless of gender) gets drunk and INVITES/OFFERS sex to a person who they might not ordinarily sleep with.

Think about it.

  coolbeans26  |  12

How do u know they're drunk n not drugged? And people can drink if they want to and shouldn't be scared of fucking creeps taking advantage. It is rape plain and simple. Someone can go out with her friends that she trusts get wasted then one of her friends take advantage when she passes out it doesn't matter if they "wanted" it or not they r legally not able to consent. If someone wants to fuck so bad wait until the morning. Simple as that. Most of the date rape drugs make u seem completely wasted and don't just make u pass out like in the movies

By  perdix  |  29

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  perdix  |  29

Sourgirl, if people are getting moral guidance from some anonymous commenter on a humor web site, they are in big trouble!

I will offer some good advice to consider: If you are a girl who gets so drunk you become "frisky and flirty" with guys you are not interested in, you need to cut down or cut out your alcohol consumption. Bad things will happen if you don't. Are you listening, Ke$ha?

  rldostie  |  19

So you're telling me if someone mugs and murders a drunk guy on the's the drunks guys fault for being too drunk to defend himself?

While people should take precautions, it's still not alright for another person to take advantage of a drunk person. If they're too drunk to sign a legal contract, then they're too drunk to consent to sex. Easy fix: don't have sex with drunk people you don't really know.

  perdix  |  29

The murder analogy is too stupid to deal with, but suppose you take your wasted friend home and he tells you to take money out of his wallet for all the trouble he caused you. Would you be wrong in taking it?

You know you can't sign a legal contract until you are 18. Are you saying that no one under 18 should have sex? It's a moot point for me, because I'm WAAAYY past 18, but some of the other readers might be fascinated by your point of view.

  perdix  |  29

It was close actually. We were making out on the roof and she got up and threw up over the railing. Look out below!

She came to my room the next day to apologize. Luckily, I had sobered up enough to be glad we got interrupted the night before. Yikes. I traded in my beer goggles soon thereafter.

  perdix  |  29

BloodyMontage, I wouldn't hoard the money for myself. I would use it to finance magnificent royal balls. I mean parties, big parties for all of the FML people to enjoy. Of course, if I had a little extra money, I could get those comically large testicular implants. Those could be fun.