By gettinganF - United States - Severn
Today, while in class, my friend would not stop annoying me by tapping me on the shoulder every so often. After the fifth time, I lost my patience, told him to F off, and slapped his hand. Only it wasn't my friend tapping my shoulder this time, it was my teacher. FML
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By  anyagrande  |  31

Getting angry isn't usually the best way of getting someone to stop annoying you as most of the time they are looking for a reaction, you gotta do some dead pan cold hearted remark like "if you touch me again i will cut off your fingers"

By  izzajaneful  |  24

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By  feven  |  32

This all reminds me: When I was younger I accidentally dropped my jacket in the staircase area where it flew down two flights of stairs and landed on the assistant principals head (who I was terrified of.) I remember trying to causally walk by and acting like I had no idea who dropped the jacket when she was screaming. Wow. Fifth grade was tough.