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Today, I found out that I'm 8 weeks pregnant. Tomorrow, I'm supposed to be leaving for Paris with my college abstinence group for a year. FML
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I suppose... you could say... that this lady... [puts on shades]....Just got screwed YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

i guess thats what you get for being a hypocrite.


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okay so you got 2 choices, admit it and have a french baby, or have a abortion. choose wisely =D

your life may be ****** but you still deserve it

@ 17 its too late for that. also I have a feeling that she is against it because abstinence groups are normally thru a church so, I think she or family will be prolife

prolife doesn't exist, it's anti-choice, get your facts straight

people who are dumb think its "prolife". silly righties dont get that nobody is PRO-ABORTION, its about the choice.

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good idea but the word "admit' means confessing the truth, It is not not a French baby. LOL

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#190: emotionally charged terms. Besides, you forget that in most cases of abortion, it was the woman's choice to have sex that got her in the situation in the first place. OP: You want us to feel sorry for you because you decided to break your vow of abstinence? Lemme guess..."I accidentally lead my boyfriend to his house, took off both mine and his clothes, sexually turned him on, and rammed his penis in my ****** untill he spermed inside me."? yeah right. If you were raped, then that'd be fine, but then it would be an FML about getting raped and not breaking your vow of abstinence.

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Pro-lifers are anti-women and pro-choicers are anti-human. We're all happy.

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#202: "If you were raped, then that'd be fine..." Awesome.

#202: "...but then it would be an FML about getting raped and not breaking your vow of abstinence." Awesome.

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Clump of cells =/= Human Maybe you should get your facts straight before posting.

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#225. Please, listen to yourself. If you are trying to argue that a fetus is just a clump of cells, you may as well say that you and i are just clumps of cells. because, technically, thats what we are. A bunch of cells. So would you then say it was okay to kill your father, mother, brother, best friend? I'm trying to speak to you in kindness, i dont know why you are pro-choice, but maybe if you think about it youll realize that it's not a goog choice.

Did you ever think that maybe she is married and being pregnant is going to interfere with a year long trip to another country? Never did she say 'I made a vow of abstinence and now I'm pregnant'. Don't be so quick to judge

Sex is a form of reproduction 224? Does your species have more? hahaha. Also, OP YDI! this is why abstinence is so stupid, it doesn't work! Kids are always going to want to have sex. If you tell them their only choice is not having sex, they are just going to havesex. Like that moron Sarah Palin, who wanted to teach students abstinence instead of all the options (Birth control, etc.). She couldn't keep her own child from having sex before marriage, how the hell would she convince children she doesn't even know.

@ 230 Isn't abstinence not having sex until MARRIAGE. so if she was married then she wouldn't be in an abstinence group. There for she went against what the group is about and it's her own fault for getting pregnant. And Pro-Life doesn't mean you're against women it means you're against the unrightful killing of babies still in the womb who cannot protect themselves and cannot help it that their mother had sex when she was not ready to have a child and take on those responsibilities and decided it'd be best to kill the defenceless fetus who is a human being no matter what some may think. As soon as the egg is fertilized by the sperm and starts to grow it is a human being. so I agree with #224 and #229. OP: You Deserve It for going against the abstinence group and having sex before marriage. And congratz on the new baby I wish you the best of luck.

#229 No because my family members are sentient people capable of thought. A clump of cells that has hardly developed is not.

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216: as in "I'd agree with her having an abortion." (I swear, you lose all credibility and just start taking shit out of context.) 237: You know nothing about basic Biology. Genetically, there is no difference between a birthed baby and a fetus, hell, a zygote. And sentience is a convergent factor, not a sign of life. If we start basing life on convergent factors, we might as well burn forests since trees lack the convergent factor known as "sentience." Unless...unless you're a fan of wild deforestation.

You guys are sick. People are people and their choices are their own and they made them for reasons maybe you don't understand.

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HookEmTexas07, would you say a newborn is capable of sentiment or thought? because going with what you just said, you would agree to the killing of a newborn is okay. which im hoping you would agree isn't okay at all. Their is little difference between a newborn and a developing fetus if you think about it. Maybe we could talk about this not on the comment page.. cause this will go on for a while.. I don't want to debate with you. how about you message me and we can talk a little bit more privately about this?

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240, by that logic, since chimpanzees are so closely genetically related to humans, you should be whining about their rights too. oh wait, pro lifers don't actually know facts, science and logic, they quote whatever they hear other pro lifers say and then throw in something about "god." who isn't real btw.

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I'm with 247 on this. I'm willing to debate this, just not on a comments page. Feel free to PM me, anyone. Seriously. This is one of the few things I'm willing to discuss.

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Especially you 251, before you make more of an idiot of yourself in public.

@ 240: Apparently you are the one who knows little about biology. There is a genetic difference between a zygote and a birthed baby. A zygote turns into a bunch of stem cells that turn into specialty cells i.e. nerve cells, brain cells, muscle cells, etc. They may have the same DNA but that does not mean that they are they same. To everyone else: Abortion is a matter of opinion. It isn't a fact. There is no right or wrong answer. People will disagree, but it is not alright to say somebodies opinion is wrong. Please respect everyones right to their own opinion. P.S. I'm pro choice, so all you pro lifers can SUCK IT!

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236 - Maybe she runs the abstinence group and is the married woman who has done the abstinence thing and now can enjoy some sexytime with her husband. Just saying.

for christs sake all you "pro-lifers" its not YOUR body, hence it isn't YOUR decison! grow up and stop believing everyone should follow YOUR ethics

@ 275 - Then it wouldn't really be a FML cause she'd be setting an example of how good it is to stay abstinence until marriage and then have your kids it wouldn't be a bad thing unless she didn't want to have her baby in Paris then she could easily not go. @276 - No, it's not the pro-lifers bodies but it's HER body and she had her choice to have sex knowing she could get pregnant and she did. So it's HER fault not the babies she had her choice to make and she thought it'd be best to have sex and have that little thrill in her life and as a result she is now pregnant and should there for TAKE responsiblitiy for her action and not MURDER an innocent and helpless human baby. If she can't provide for the kid then she can always give it to a family who WANTS a child and can care for him/her like a responisble person instead of taking the easy way out and just saying "oh look at that I was so stupid for having sex knowing I COULD get pregnant and I did. Oh well I'll just go KILL MY BABY." Really now? Does THAT sound good? I know people who have HAD to get abortions because their child died inside and that hurt them. I know a few teenage mothers as well and yes their life changed and they have hard times to go through but they are doing it and I'm very proud of every teenage mother out there who kept their child and resumed responsibility because majority of the time the guy won't stick around even if they say they will but the girl will still have their baby and live their life and give that child the best life they can. Those girls are the strong ones and who had to grow up extremely fast and take responsibility for something THEY did that was THEIR choice. Having sex is the WOMENS choice yes. But KILLING the baby? THAT doesn't involve JUST the girl/women that involves the slaughtering of another human life. So it's NOT just her choice. And only a heartless person can really kill another human being ESSPECIALLY a defenseless baby.

#237 Brain functions begin to occur in a fetus just 8 weeks after conception; right about the time many women have realized they are "late". (Based on your comments, I believe you may be an exception to this rule.) #234 Abstinence is to abstain from (or to not have) sex. How can you say that does not work? No sex = no pregnancy (unless there is a lab visit or miracle involved). #277 Murder is a bit strong. Since the law allows it, it is not really murder. You would be correct in saying killing, but murder is an illegal and unjustified killing; abortion is not illegal. The big point of this FML is that the OP was in an abstinence group, and is pregnant. Regardless of ones stance on the Pro-death/No choice issue, the hypocrisy of this situation is rather funny. ;)

could be a crackhead dat gotta hold to da wrong stuff

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277 - i wasn't condoning abortion. i don't personally believe in it, but having a baby isn't that simple. yes she can just have it adopted or give it away, but having the baby itself in america is not free, in england i would say fair enough, but the OP lives in america, therefore it is likely that she will have to pay to give birth. if she is at college like it is implied, she probably can't afford to - yes that may not be an excuse for 'murdering' a human life but every situation is different. as she is part of an abstinence group it is probably also likely that her family is religious, i go to a faith school and sex education focuses on abstinence, rather than contraception - so maybe she was clueless? i don't know. as well as the circulation of urban myths regarding sex and pregnancy, it is possiblke that she thought she wouldn't get pregnant. if her family is very religious, she may be ostracised by her friends and family and be isolated from th people she loves for the rest of her life - and hiding a pregnancy and lying would take its toll on her. if she is using abortion as a form of contraception, then yes, it would be wrong - she would also miss college for quite a large proportion of her pregnancy, therefore affecting her education and her quality of life for herself and her children in the future. but abortion is legal for a reason so don't make those who have had abortions feel like murderers because they felt they had no other choice. until you are in that situation for yourself you have absolutely no right to judge on the matter whatsoever.

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actually i think thats a YGF You Got ******

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#224: It's all about the time the child is aborted. If it's not in the main stages of development it's not really that human. Also it is killing per-se, but think about it, what kind of life would that person have if he/she is kept alive? Generally a woman would have an abortion if it would be a bad environment to raise a child. Everything in life is about perspective. "All things are subject to interpretation; whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth." -Friedrich Nietzsche

um….hello has anybody realized that we arguing over her right to kill her baby just so she can live her lie of abstinence and go to France. It’s not even because she’s been raped, the baby won’t turn out normal, or it’s killing her it’s so she can go to France. You people are monsters. Furthermore if your’e going to go around having casual sex you have to take responsibility for what can happen and if you can’t face that don’t have sex. To abort in most cases is to make someone else pay for your slip up. Unless you have an exceedingly good reason you should have the kid; if you can’t handle that don’t do it.

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251, smh I'm not going 2 judge u on what/who u believe in BUT how do u think everyone got on the planet? from a meteor? uh no, if there were life on meteors I think we would've found some by now. U prob believe in science and not religion, so u think we grew fingers an toes and hair and everything else on our bodies from fishes don't u?

all you "pro lifers" : what if a woman is raped?! does she still not get the option of abortion? that's whats ****** up!

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I'm pro abortion I want to thin out the human race as much as possible

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ikr! what kind of dumbasses would go to France for abstinence

ew! what's with your pic #2? NASTY! put some clothes on..

i guess thats what you get for being a hypocrite.

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Damn it, Bristol!! Now I'm Never going to get to be President!

Agreed. Way to be in a club in which you don't even keep your own pledge. YDI for being a hypocrite and not keeping your legs shut.

It's okay to be in an abstinence group, it's okay to have sex... but it's not okay to do both. It'd be hard, but you should've told the abstinence group you're quitting. Or, if it's not that important, you should've just not gone there.

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Oh yeah cuz having sex is such a bad thing ya moron

sucks to be you but oh wait it was your fault! unless it was rape which I doubt.

Or it could have been immaculate conception...

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true, males never seem to have this problem

Exactly #81, I mean men NEVER do anything immoral, especially not stuff like the Holocaust, the Killing Fields or terrorism... oh wait I hope you were being sarcastic :)

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I don't think you can compare getting pregnant with the Holocaust.

sure you can... it just takes cajones and a lack of respect for those who went through that tragedy (nah, I'm just kidding, I know the holocaust poster wasn't trying to be disrespectful)

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maybe the problem isnt clear because they cant get pregnant duhh.

it takes two to tango, but by society's standards, a women that has sex is a **** or a *****, and a man that dose it is just doing what a man dose so its okay.

of course men dont have that problem we dont have vaginas that means we cant get preggo

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Men can get Prego. There's a jar of it in my fridge.

Brilliant, well done! I think you should go to paris and have your baby in a decent health care system!

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I think you need to learn how to read, #150. "....leaving for Paris with my college abstinence group for a year." Key words: A YEAR. If she could successfully hide her pregnancy, she COULD have he baby in Paris. 8 weeks is approximately 2 months. Which leaves approximately 7 more pregnancy months. She could go to Paris, have her baby, and still have 5 more months before her group goes back. However, she'll most likely be kicked out of the group and sent home when she has that baby. ALTHOUGH, a year long trip to Paris for abstinence group? Why? What the heck are they going to do? Are they studying abroad? Hmmm...

I was wondering about a group going overseas for a year myself. Seems a little strange.

Yeah Id still go... They should be supporting more worthwile causes!!! So screw em go anyway!

What's a 'worthwhile' cause to you? Abstinence is a great thing til marriage