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Today, I found out that I'm going to be a father. Too bad I can't tell my wife. FML
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I feel absolutely no sympathy for you. I hope she finds out and leaves your cheating ass.


YDI you ducking cheating bastard, you expected sympathy on FML saying "it wasn't your fault" well no, you did the mistake, you have to suffer the consequences

incoherentrmblr 21

What if OP donated sperm at sperm bank and the recipient found out who he was and let him know...

leogachi 15

@148 Why wouldn't Op be able to tell his wife that? And in that instance, Op wouldn't be responsible for the child.

148, if that were the case it wouldn't be an FML.

I feel absolutely no sympathy for you. I hope she finds out and leaves your cheating ass.

angel from borderlands!!! i know this will be downloaded but who gives a f**k

I hope both women leave him and manage to warn others that he is a cheating asshole. He doesn't deserve any kind of relationship.

Yeah, I was going to say he probably wont care if his wife finds out since he always has his baby momma to fall back on. How much can he care for his wife if he cheated on her?

wow words of choices. he doesn't deserve a relationship?? that's extreme. PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES. YOU ARE NOT THEIR JUDGE. he does deserve a relationship, just not until he realizes his mistakes and finds a way to fund peace with this.

tarlax 11

"You are not their judge" says the person who's harshly judging anyone here who dares to call OP out for being a cheater. Right.

@194: I'm sorry, can you please point out the words that #190 had used to judge the other commenters because I must have missed it.

How dare you get judgmental about people judging others. Too much irony.

"You are not their judge" he had to judge them that they were being judgmental

clearly this wasn't meant for his comment. it was about someone who sai he didn't deserve any relationship.... and last time I checked my status was in no way judgemental but shocking. I am in shock.

MisterKnowItAll 15

I have no sympathies. You deserve every bit of this.

I hate you, OP. I seriously can't stand people like you. You don't deserve your wife or that new child. You deserve to be alone so no one else gets hurt from your cheating ass.

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splinteredApple 36

Ever heard of something called being faithful? Seriously, how hard is it to keep your dick out of things?

I was referring to 18s comment, you know, because of his picture.

#5 Get the **** outta here if you don't understand why OP is a piece of shit.

He shouldn't have cheated on his wife in the first place.

Karma at its finest. Don't be a cheating prick and OP wouldn't have this issue, Have fun with that child support.

missyfiona89 28

I hope your wife finds out and dumps your sorry ass.

I hope he reads these comments. he'll be thrilled for sure. also, he must be the shittiest kind of asshole to have the audacity to complain about it on fml.

Ah nah man, I'm sure your wife will be thrilled for you. Might even throw a party for you, with your clothes and belongings as firewood of course.

schreibergx93 19

That would make a killer bonfire

Utilize the flammability of the balls.

You should tell her. She deserves better.