By Host grandfather - 21/09/2018 06:00 - United States - Tampa

Today, I took my transfer student, who I am hosting for her year of study in America, to the doctor. It turns out that she is pregnant, and my teenage son is the father. FML
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They need to seal the deal by appearing on an episode of Maury or Jerry.

Won't be interesting enough for Jerry. There's no incest involved.

Sounds like your son did some transferring too.

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Justin Allan Bannister 9

****** up views by someone who probably had more women scraped then a fisherman's knuckle

Trump campaigned on ******* immigrants. I’ll bet the son impregnated her while wearing is MAGA hat.

It's not a baby you ******* pillock, it's most likely an embryo, or a foetus at the very most. Furthermore, unless you're one of those "pro-life" Bible thumping mouth breathers, you should be well aware that there's nothing wrong with someone who doesn't want it in her body choosing to get rid of it.

The_candyman 13

1. I'm not a bible thumper lol wow 2. Roe Vs Wade will be fine soon enough (finally) 3. depending what you consider a life. 4. it never says how far along she is. (I'm guessing shes far enough along for her to have morning sickness to go to the doctors to find out shes pregnant.) 5. it seems its consensual so why is the first thing you run to is abortion. 6. abortion is ending a human life depending when you have it. or you telling me your one of those guys that can show up the day of delivery and be like you sure you want it to come alive honey they can change that if we want. that's sick.

Squidgegg 4

There is no baby. There's a foetus, at best. It's really not the same thing.

Paul B. Gyurcsanszky 14

The **** is wrong with you? It’s a child, not a “choice”! Why don’t you ask the baby if it wanted to live? Oh, wait, you can’t because it was murdered! Sicko!

xxWTFxx1981 23

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Yeah... because men are expected to have zero self control. She should have been safer, but he could have worn a condom or kept it in his pants. Takes two to tango and men should also be held responsible for accidents like this.

Mortoli 30

love how women always blame the guys hell sometimes the girl is the instigator. and lotta times they lie about being on something or not needing a condom to stimulate the guys. either way shouldnt always blame the men and boys... your right though it takes two and the same rules apply for girls if they dont want kids make sure your boytoy got a rain coat or better have some pills. just sayin. and depending on his schools courses they might not have proper sexual education to teach about safe sex. i know mine didnt.

Well this turned into a foreign soap opera fast!