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Today, I found out my parents are divorcing and my mom is moving out. I'm 11 weeks pregnant. Breaking the news should be fun. FML
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The divorce is between your parents. It has nothing to do with you. If your parents are any good they'll help you through it no matter whether they're together or not.

#1 - If they stay together just because of the pregnancy, chances are it won't be good for anyone :/


#1 - If they stay together just because of the pregnancy, chances are it won't be good for anyone :/

well I was thinking maybe for support of her.

My parents told me that they were getting a divorce literally right after I delivered. About twenty minutes after to be exact. Parents can seriously sucks but if they aren't happy, it's for the best. Sorry OP!

No one should ever stay together because of kids. Or grandkids for this case. If you're unhappy, being a good parent is a huge challenge.

OP should get an abortion! *waits for pro life people to rape me in the ass*

Either way, it should be happy news to them, right?

No, because if you look at OPs name it says "19collegestudentandpregnant", which to me looks like an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy. No parent would be happy about their daughter being knocked up.

Depends on the situation. I'm 19 and in college too but my partner and I have our own place, he has a good job and we're trying for a family :) I guess it all depends on the people. but the way the OP has written it sounds like she doesn't think her parents will approve

Doubt they'd post it on FML if it is happy news

Many people post FMLs that aren't FMLs. (Ex: 12 year old wants a ***** story, most likely he doesn't know what a ***** is or doesn't understand.) Some FMLs are first world problems while others are sad stories. This is a good example of an FML that is an FML, which is not a first world problem. Bad things could happen to OP in this situation (kicked out of the house, abuse, or the silent game depending on the parent) meanwhile in the 12 year old story, OP just needs to work on discipline.

The divorce is between your parents. It has nothing to do with you. If your parents are any good they'll help you through it no matter whether they're together or not.

I agree with #3 but aren't anyone at least concerned about her age? Her username says she's a college student and she's 19!

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I was pregnant at 19. I work and I'm in school. And my little boy is perfect (obviously biased lol) Its hard as hell, but not impossible to thrive.

39, you're incredible, You must have a very strong will and a very good support system, two things it sounds like OP doesn't have right now. To you, OP, I simply say this. I won't vote YDI because I don't know if you used protection or not. If you did and you still got pregnant, then yes, FYL. Hopefully your baby daddy will be willing to support you and you're still on good terms with him so your child can have a father. Also, tell your parents if you're planning to keep the kid - which I'm assuming you are, you're already at the 11th week - and if it turns out to be too much to raise yourself, adoption is always a possibility.

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#3- A Divorce takes a toll on the entire family. It will affect OP, especially if it is a bitter divorce. Hopefully it is not bitter, and hopefully OP's news will bring them together to help her with pregnancy needs. Whether or not OP planned the child, it is still a happy thing to be pregnant! Children are wonderful!

You lost me with your last two sentences, 55. Little kids raise my blood pressure dangerously high, which is not wonderful, and therefore pregnancy would not be a happy thing for me. It probably isn't for OP, either, given that she's posting about it on a site called **** My Life and not Yay My Life.

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#57- If OP felt the same way as you, she could find a very nice family right now and start the adoption process with them. If the child is not wonderful to OP, the child will be wonderful for someone else. Also, there are organizations that will give young mothers free formula, diapers, etc. OP could check into that sort of thing if she is stressed about supporting a baby and going to college.

Actually, 60, if OP felt the way I did, she'd have scheduled an abortion as soon as she saw the pregnancy test results, parental support be damned. I'm assuming she may have wanted to discuss her options with her parents, though unless she follows up, no one can say for sure. This also doesn't change the fact that children are not wonderful to everyone no matter how many formula cans and diapers are made available to them. Also for all we know, OP may still be considering adoption but wanted to give her parents a heads-up as to why her stomach in expanding in the meantime.

I didn't mean the divorce won't affect OP, I only meant the cause of it is between her parents and not because of her.

Congrats on the baby, some people just aren't meant to be though. Let them work it out on their own even if it pains you. You have to remember it's their relationship not yours.

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One bombshell after another...yikes. Don't let the stress of what they are going through affect your stress levels too much. It won't be good for you nor the baby. Congratulations on your incoming bundle of joy!!!!

OP's username suggests this is not a matter deserving of congratulations, nor is the bundle likely to be one of joy.

#34- Even if it is an unplanned pregnancy, it is still a bundle of joy. Yea she may be young, but I know a couple of young mothers that had their baby/babies unexpected. At first they were timid and thought the same as you. Though after they had that wonderful gift(s) they couldn't imagine it being any other way. So OP don't worry too much, things happen for a reason and everything will work out. Otherwise this wouldn't have happen. Hope all goes well :)

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#41 - And I know a couple of college-aged mothers-to-be who were horrified to find out they were pregnant, and one even had a breakdown when we saw her pregnancy test results. One of my friends gave the baby up for adoption and the other had an abortion. A baby wasn't a happy "bundle of joy" to either of them. Every person is different. Don't assume every unexpected child will be loved (or even accepted) by their mother.

Right on, 43! 41, a baby would not be a bundle of joy to me, yet I have a college and graduate degree as well as a job I enjoy that provides benefits (though not a ton of money). Even though I'm as established as anyone is likely to be, I don't like or want kids, and if I did have a birth control failure, I would not continue the pregnancy as it would be disastrous for my mental health. Just because you think babies are all that does not mean everyone agrees.

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Well don't let it stop you from saying anything to them. They may still most likely get a divorce but if both love you they'll want to be a part of their grand child's life.

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No birth control is 100% effective, even if used correctly, so please stop being condescending.

There is always the option to choose for an abortion.

#16, that is very true. My mom was on the pill when I was conceived. Even if the girl is on the pill, and the guy wears a condom, there is still a chance of getting pregnant. A very miniscule chance, but a chance none the less. I beat the odds when I was conceived. Think there was a 90%-99% chance me not being born.

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I was conceived with my mum on the pill and with a condom used... Not always effective.

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#22 I'm sure that if OP wanted an abortion she would have gotten one already. The fact that she's planning on breaking the news to her parents probably means that she's going to keep the baby.

35, OP may have been hoping to discuss all her options with her parents. I know from having helped a friend through one that it definitely helps to have someone supportive around after you have an abortion, even though the procedure itself is fairly straightforward.

In response to the previous comment. Who are you to judge? 19 is as good an age to have a little one as any. When someone shares something this intimate on a public forum they aren't inviting malicious comments. Lady, this is a blessing and you should be proud and happy. If your folks don't take it well, that is their issue. You are loved and supported.

But it is a FML post, so it could likely mean that she wasn't expecting a pregnancy, let alone to break it to her soon divorcing parents.

She's still a student.. AND pregnant.. I don't think it's gonna be easy to get good grades AND raise a kid at the same time. Also, 19 is (imo) too early to be expecting a child.. Especially if you're still living at home :/ but again, that's just my opinion. If I look at the situation the OP is in, I don't think the kid was planned, and it kinda sounded like she wanted her parents to take care of it while she's at college (what won't work now since they're getting a divorce).. Which makes it a YDI. She should've used protection :/

15 - Many people don't expect to get pregnant and may be terrified at first. It does not mean they won't be happy later.

She's 19, student, living with her parents and having a baby? Yah, really responsable... Will YOU support her?

I am aware of that #18, but I'm not sure that this might be the case here, especially since her parents are divorcing soon

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My gosh you people are so judgemental. I'm 19, I'm a student, I'm living at home and currently 34 weeks pregnant. I'm also working my butt off to save and have changed my study to external so I can do it in free time. Many mothers study whilst having a child in their care, and not just young parents either. Oh and by living at home doesn't mean I'll Palm my child off to my parents. I'll be looking after my baby 24/7 and will be looking to move out when I can, it was actually my parents idea to move back when I found out so I could save money. Also, just because bub wasn't planned doesn't mean they won't be loved and supported. The first part is always scary but once you get to the end you generally have a plan of what you're going to do to support this baby and yourself and what you can do to have a great life.

17- Protection isn't 100% blah blah blah. This is getting old. Can you guys stop assuming she didn't because she very well could have. I concieved on the depo shot and condom. Never thought I'd get pregnant with those two being used together but I still did.

"Blessings" are highly subjective. I know a baby would be a curse for me, and I'm 30 with a steady job and benefits. OP may find a way to get past the detriments of bring and in college if she really wants a baby, but I hope nobody pressures her into keeping it just because everyone's supposed to love and want babies.

can somone tell me where it says she lives at home?

Their divorce is their divorce. Focus on your pregnancy and don't let it stress you.

Your username sounds like a rejected MTV show, oh yeah good luck on that whole breaking the news to them thing.