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By  J15237  |  23

Maybe I am missing something, but how is this an FML for you? I mean your coworker is the one who should be writing an FML for this situation. If you are good friends then she will be supportive and perhaps you guys can bond together. However, congratulations and enjoy. I am sure your coworker will be happy for you.

By  Jemima Rose  |  3

speaking as someone whos baby died.
please tell her first before anyone else. acknowledge how you know this will hurt her and you are sorry. she will be happy for you but the grief is too deep for her to feel that just yet.. give her a bit of time to process it before you tell everyone else so she can prepare herself to deal with everyones happy reactions.
she will probably hate you at first. she will hate herself for hating you but you just cant help it when your in it. oh and also.. (maybe ask if its okay) but talk about her baby too and use her babys name, all her brain is doing right now is screaming at her that her baby died and literally no one talks about them and its awful.