By Anonymous - 17/04/2012 19:29 - United States - Milwaukee

Today, I woke up to a text from my mother-in-law saying, "Happy birthday! I hope you have great birthday sex!" I'm now afraid to go over there for dinner tonight. FML
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I would've been just as scared if she even wished me a happy birthday. Only because no one ever says happy birthday to me :'( *runs to sob in a corner*

70- How... How nice *sniffle* :') Now according to a code of conduct by the Internet Compliment Committee... We're friends... Best friends.. He he

Maybe she was offering? Like mother like daughter

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70- THEN, when it's not their birthday you wish them a very merry unbirthday! *breaks out into song* 80- mother in law FMLs have been happening for decades, we just now have a place to put them :)

Hobbes, hasn't Calvin even wished you a happy birthday? I thought you were best friends? Happy birthday from Australia!

No, it's only on Christmas when I get a present or special greeting from him, Calvin is either very forgetful, or just a douche when it comes to my birthday. Thank you :)

I'm never going to marry a woman who has a crazy ass over protective mother.

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You shouldn't be scared, act like the text never happened.

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Exact opposite of what he should do. He should ask her for tips during dinner and just laugh at the awkwardness.

72- Know what would be far more awkward? Inviting the mother-in-law to a threesome and winking profusely while swallowing....... swallowing sweet tea. Oh, I can't even comprehend the level of awkwarivity of the moment.

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That's not awkward! It's a boost for her moral! (Sounded better in my head)

You looked at the FML and SAID "LOL"? Now I say "WTF".

From these comments, I see a few people that enjoy talking to their smart phones or computer and share random acronyms.

Why would you not want to have sex?????

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Well that's awkward but at least try to follow her advice Happy Birthday

^^ i like your picture ;) I wonder if OP is a guy or a girl because that somehow effects the WTF(!) factor. If you're a guy, be very afraid OP..she could be suggesting something :O

She might be a lesbian and suggesting the same thing ^

Doesn't matter, might have birthday sex?

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At least she's not a raging bitch to you like most mother-in-laws? Silver lining OP.

maybe she was being sarcastic and that's her way of keeping you from coming over