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By  Candace7  |  19

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  larrena2377  |  26

how is that disgusting? babies live on breast milk for the first part of their lives..some even until they are 3 and 4. it's not like they were drinking it straight from the boob

  tdawg91  |  17

We're the only mammals on the planet that have sexualised our mammary glands so much that we consider it "disgusting" when they fulfil their main purpose

  Arwen_Evenstar  |  37

Biologically children can usually breastfeed until 5-7 years old roughly, something to do with how the mouth grows.
Isn't it odd that something, human milk, she was born to drink is considered more gross than a cow's breastmilk.

  Candace7  |  19

I never said breast feeding was gross just that she gave it to him until he was seven. Once a child develops teeth they should not be given breast milk anymore.

  Ted_brosby  |  4

I understand what you're saying. I have a 7 year old now. It would be really weird for my wife to pump breast milk and pour it in his cereal. But it is the healthiest thing a baby can eat.

Here's too much info: I tasted breast milk a few years ago. Won't do that again.

  Candace7  |  19

I'm not saying she can't do what she wants with her child just saying I think it's gross. My opinion that breast milk are for babies not children. Get over it: ).

  trtnt25  |  19

155 I think body fluids in general all have different tastes depending on the person. Some semen and vaginal lubricant can range from being sweet to being bitter depending on what they eat.

I ate 20 tangerines in a week once and my current boyfriend said I tasted sweeter and better then usual.
And a few years back I had a boyfriend who ate zucchini everyday and his semen tasted just like it, I almost puked.

I've heard similar information like this from friends about breast milk varying in tastes

  RecklessLove  |  18

Yeah, as long as she maintains a regular pumping schedule she can still produce milk for years. Also, my bf tried my breast milk and said it's really sweet and that it's good.

  Tsula1994  |  13

If you keep expressing milk or feeding, you can keep producing breast milk for a long time. Some women stop because they don't eat properly, feed often enough, etc. And you can still produce breast milk if you become pregnant while breast feeding, but the doctor will tell you to stop breastfeeding because the milk will contain pregnancy hormones.

  kaablam  |  17

It's only really healthy if the person that makes the milk is healthy. If they are using drugs/medications or alcohol, certain things transfer through the breast milk.

  Apersonishere  |  5

"all fetishes are weird except my fetish"

Really I hate when people say a fetish is weird, just because you don't find something attractive doesn't make it weird.

  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

breast milk only benefits you until a certain age. I'm all for breast feeding but obliviously OP was done with his moms milk but OPs mom wasnt ready to wean him. Which is a bit weird.

  Bex628  |  20

Actually, it never loses nutritional value. It changes day to day, even feeding to feeding, to provide the nutrients a child needs. You know that new special toddler formula with extra DHA and ARA (or something like that), breast milk has all of that, and in the amounts that the toddler needs.

  nonsensical  |  26

you nasty