By spekledworf - 28/08/2012 02:57 - United States - Wrentham

Today, I discovered why the milk in my house has a funny, sweet taste. My family has been pouring the leftover milk from their cereal back into the carton. FML
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My thoughts exactly. Pour each of them a glass, OP.

FirebirdF350 7

Even though your comment fails and would normally be getting burned to death, I have to say, this one time, your actually alright. I was almost stunned myself

thiscrazything 1

Before you go to bed, OP, I would think twice about using the family toothpaste,

Turtle_rebellion 10

Do they also spit the used mouthwash back into the container to save money?

mzrobinson 13

#74- it wouldn't surprise me. How foul!

84 ~ 74 Was making a reference to a previous FML.

Put spicy sauce in the milk and have them taste their own medicine.

That's a great idea! That's disgusting they are doing that to the milk OP.

Or green food dye. Then the milk is all yours!! Also works well in the office environment.

Inheritance 10

54 That will just make them wonder who is hiding the Lucky Charms.

That's beyond gross, that's repulsive!!!

Out of all the nasty shit on this site I think is one of the worst, besides the fml where that dude licks a cluster of zits, but that's just me.

Okay it's pretty grim but it's not /that/ bad...

R4inb0wBrit3 13

Waste not, want not...right? No...just, I'm sorry OP. that is beyond disgusting.

57 - Not sure if sarcastic, or complete and total moron.

Just pour less milk in your cereal but wait for it to soak in.

mimiminx 23

Thats so ridiculous! It's not like you can even keep the milk long enough for that to be useful. Good thing nobody was eating coco pops!

Mister_Triangle 21

Coco Pops? The bastard child of Coco Puffs and Corn Pops? Last living heir to the General Mills fortune? It IS good they didn't eat him, otherwise the treasure would be lost forever

Ins0mau 20

I dunno 33. Cocoa Pops is a pretty popular mainstream breakfast cereal here in Australia. And I haven't really heard of the two you mentioned. I think it's just a regional variation.

48, I think corn pops are rice bubbles in Australia.

Coco pops are popular in Ireland and Australia, rice bubbles as they're called in Australia are known as rice krispies in Ireland, brands vary all over the world.

MiloBear 11

Here in South Africa we have Coco Pops and Rice Krispies. I've never seen corn pops but I think we had a cereal that lasted a few years called coco puffs. Also, I wouldn't be too disturbed if I found out my family was putting their cereal milk back into the carton, unless there were bits of cereal going in too. What's so wrong with that?

Double dipping that there spoon, sonny. You've been with every person their spoons have ever been with

Double dipping helps transfer bacteria from a persons mouth to the milk. Then the milk is transferred back into the carton to breed more bacteria?

celine21_fml 0

It spoils a lot quicker because of the germs. That's also why people should not drink from the carton either. Although I am guilty of doing that but I'm sure we all were when we were kids.

thought that was the best part of eating cereal!?!? Well not if it's other people's leftovers right?

challan 19

Back washed milk... yummy! I always tip the bowl and drink my sweet marshmellowy left over milk. nom nom! I'm not eating at your house Op!

Oh the thought of cereal bits, saliva, all those germs in ones mouth before brushing your teeth in the morning, & spitting in the bowl just adds to the flavor!