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  Archay  |  13

Out of all the nasty shit on this site I think is one of the worst, besides the fml where that dude licks a cluster of zits, but that's just me.


Coco Pops? The bastard child of Coco Puffs and Corn Pops? Last living heir to the General Mills fortune? It IS good they didn't eat him, otherwise the treasure would be lost forever

  Ins0mau  |  20

I dunno 33.

Cocoa Pops is a pretty popular mainstream breakfast cereal here in Australia. And I haven't really heard of the two you mentioned. I think it's just a regional variation.

  DooleyFTW  |  17

Coco pops are popular in Ireland and Australia, rice bubbles as they're called in Australia are known as rice krispies in Ireland, brands vary all over the world.

  MiloBear  |  11

Here in South Africa we have Coco Pops and Rice Krispies. I've never seen corn pops but I think we had a cereal that lasted a few years called coco puffs.

Also, I wouldn't be too disturbed if I found out my family was putting their cereal milk back into the carton, unless there were bits of cereal going in too. What's so wrong with that?

  celine21_fml  |  0

It spoils a lot quicker because of the germs. That's also why people should not drink from the carton either. Although I am guilty of doing that but I'm sure we all were when we were kids.