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Today, I finally met the girl I've been talking to on phone for a while and found her charming in person as well. There's just one problem: she has more facial hair than I do. FML
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That's not too big a problem. Appearence isn't everything.


sugarshane007 20

Hmm.. Reminds me of the song Lola.

chell1894 13

Wax, why don't these women with hair problems wax ? I saw a lady that literally had a full on mustache. Still wore make up. I just wanted to tell her no make ups going to make her beautiful till she waxes the damn stache

Some woman actually like the having facial hair because it's the way their body naturally is. None I personally know, but they exist.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#31 - She might not seem beautiful to you, but if she feels beautiful, who gives a flying ****? Damn priss, it's more natural than you think. If you think at all.

Haiana04 3

31, waxing only makes it grow back thicker. I'm all for natural beauty but if she ever wants to make it less visible I recommend bleaching it if it's not too thick. P.S: you're an asshole.

55 - It's an urban legend that waxing/tweezing/shaving makes hair grow back faster/thicker/darker, but everything else you said is spot on.

ellytoad 13

I have lots of peach fuzz on the sides of my face. If it were regular hair and black, I'd probably give Elvis's sideburns a run for their money. It worries my mom, to the point where she thinks I have hormonal problems. But I don't mind my fuzz much. I even think it's cute, in a weird sort of way.

31, you do not make the standard of beauty. That woman is confident in who she is and to me thats beauty. So what she has a mustache. Every woman has one some are more noticeable then the others. To say she isn't beautiful until that "stache" comes off is incredibly shallow.

free2speak 14

And some women just have plain sensitive skin! I had my face professionally waxed after intense searching and reading reviews and it still left me with a horribly red face and splotchy skin for a week. And to make it worse, my skin actually broke out in pimples all over! I use Olay sensitive skin cream now but but even those tend to make me break out a little but it's either that or my dark black hair contrasting my pale skin which looks quite unsightly. And I can't use bleach without it burning my skin, even the ones formulated for sensitive skin.

kirbeaar 19

31 - That's incredibly rude and shallow. Wax can sometimes do more harm than good. I once waxed my upper lip and ended up with large scabs because it got so irritated. Believe me, scabs look a lot worse than a little bit of hair.

sugarshane007 20

My first number one comment, and 31 hijacks it. Well, at least some of y'all knew the song Lola.

chell1894 13

Yes I understand peach fuzz. the only part of a human body with no hair are your palms and the bottom of your feet. But when I say the lady had a legit mustache I mean a THICK dark brown legit mustache. If she's buying make up I would have thought she would have bleached, trimmed, wax or something. And i never said she was ugly nor did i say im drop dead gorgeous. all i meant is if shes trying to improve her looks(which is what wearing make up is) then i thought she would have done something about the stach. maybe j should have worded it better. oh well. Sorry for hijacking man. Haters gonna hate.

7zyzz7 3

Are you serious? I cant believe how many people on this comment chain seem to be socially retarded. If a women has a moustache that is prominent enough that it can be called a moustache, she needs to fix it. You retards saying "Oh if she feels beautiful" cut the crap, you're encouraging her to do it and shes gonna cop it hard when she gets laughed and pointed at. Be real for f's sake. And to the emptyheads that said 'Its natural', you are jokes. Humans are the most unnatural animal in the world. We put synthetic chemicals in our hair to clean it, we wear make up, lipstick, we CUT our hair, manipulate electricity, so dont say crap like 'its natural', it means nothing and its just an excuse for someone who has something unsightly. Grow up. 31 I thumbed up your comment mate.

That's not too big a problem. Appearence isn't everything.

Agreed! And it's not her fault. Trust me, any woman with facial hair can't stand it. I'd say it's FHL, not FYL.

free2speak 14

Agree and might I add, it is a tad bit harsh to say "FML" for something so trivial. i doubt she was a chewbaca in the face. As a girl, I can think of many reasons why she may have had it: pure oblivion, side effect of an anti-acne Rx, bad lighting in her bathroom (been there), or maybe she was just in a hurry and forgot or didn't have time to take care of it. If you're reading this OP, give the girl another try. And if its still the same, be subtle and point it out ever so slightly. At least give her a chance to fix it!

Oh, I love it when people say this. Appearance isn't anything? So you would date an ugly, fat person? You would date this girl covered in facial hair? People love to play the moral high card so as to prove to everyone they're a righteous, morally upstanding citizen but know damn well that they wouldn't date an ugly person. Hypocrites.

I agree. I wouldn't go hit on an ugly girl. Looks are a big deal. But everybody is beautiful to somebody.

^ Try telling that to all the people out there dating or married to physically unattractive/ugly people, plenty of whom could land decent-looking partners instead. Not everyone's a shallow ****, junior. Stop trying to make yourself feel better about being one by stereotyping the hell out of society.

However if he finds it a total turn off and he doesn't find her sexual attractive then it kinda ruins the relationship from the start. He's not being shallow he just isn't attracted to her because of the hair.

50- it clearly says that appearance isn't EVERYTHING, it is still something you consider, but it isn't something that should determine your relationship with a person.

Hair can be shaved, but dumb bitch is forever. Count yourself lucky. There's a crap load of treatments for hair removal. There's no good way to bring it up to her, so you just gotta hope she takes the initiative herself, but still, it's better than the alternative. Maybe get her a spa package for a birthday? The spa ladies will bring it up, I'm sure.

50, yes I would. I'm asexual, so any woman I date would have a fantastic personality, rather than a fantastic body. And note I said that it's not everything? That leaves room for appearance to be factored in for people like you. Unless you're saying that appearence is everything, in which case you have no right to tell me to get off my "moral high card" because you're a shallow prick.

Holy shit, someone still keeps it real in FML?! Now all a sudden it's a crime to NOT think someone is attractive. If the ratio of people in the world were the same as how people in FML act, there would be no fat/ugly/hairy singles. The world has turned into opposites day everyday where if someone is good looking you pick them apart trying to find flaws, but if someone has severe obvious flaws you act like they are 'oh so beautiful'.

I agree with you, but I believe there is someone for everyone.

7zyzz7 3

50 I totally agree! all these fools say this moralfag crap on here that simply doesnt equate to REAL LIFE. Looks matter. People dont go to clubs and hook up with people for their personality. Get over it.

wannabemom 5

I'm ugly and fat and someone is dating me.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

As for the girl, shave more...?

zingline89 18

38 - you don't understand many jokes, do you?

legal371 5

I don't get it either....... At least I don't think I do. U want them both to look like chewbacca?

madskittlesftw 5

Yeah after all it is November..

If he has more facial hair than her, her's wouldn't seem as hairy compared to his. That's the point the original comment was trying to make for you clueless folk. It's called a joke and it made me laugh. So, I suggest you folks get familiar with what a joke is.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#70 - I don't think you picked up my sarcasm quite well. Oh well.

You just have a bad reputation here, lol. So we just assume you're arrogant and dumb.

I dont understand. Either she has a beard like Osama Bin Laden OR your face is as clean as John Trevoltas head.

CharresBarkrey 15

Yes, because clearly there are no levels of facial hair between those two.

senor_awesome 14

Maybe its time to man up and grow a santa claus beard. just say you're getting ready for Christmas

oj101 33

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wannabemom 5

Actually, most women have a ongoing battle with facial hair. It doesn't mean they're from the circus. Some might find your comment offensive.

Your a dick head who cares if she has facial would you like to have something strange looking about you and then someone says that just think about asshole.

Appearances aren't everything...and she can easily shave, so it's not that much of a big deal.

Shaving is actually the worst thing she could do- it'd get thicker and darker.

Oh good lord not this argument again...

Fixable problem*, let's not mention how so no arguments start, haha.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

12 - That's a myth. Are you stupid?

41- are you stupid?? My best friend shaved her blonde arm hair about five times, and now her arm hair is pitch black. Plus, every beautician I have ever met, has said the same thing.

Regardless of whether shaved hair actually gets darker or not, it will grow back badly as it's not a new hair growing through, it's an old hair that's been cut at the base and so will be thicker and feel rough. A girl should NEVER shave her face or ALL the hairs will grow back like that and she'll end up with stubble, same as a guy. Better off bleaching and plucking away the worst hairs.

Never heard any beautrician say you automaticly goes from blond to black by shaving.. As all you do is cut off dead cells, you don't change the dna inside the hair. It might look darker coming out, but when it grown out the colour is same as before.. Some (like me) have lighter hair when young then darker when growing older. Might happen to her as the hair loses it's "youthful colour" when you get older.. If she suddenly have dark patches of hair I'd go to the GP to find out what's causing a blond to suddenly go black..

57 - Google it Aussie. You're making yourself look ignorant.

Believe it or not girls do shave their face. It's just not done in the same way or with the same tools a man would use. You use a tinkle razor and you shave downward, not against the grain. This wont make the hair grow different because you're not damaging the hair structure. Of course this only works for females that want to get rid of the peach fuzz or vellus hair that most females have. If the girl OP is talking about has facial hair like that of a man, then yes, shaving it would actually just make it thicker and darker giving her a manly stubble. It's all on the technique, do research.

free2speak 14

Actually shaving does make hair grow back darker and thicker...not sure about the blond to black though! It does vary with person to person and that's why there is so much confusion regarding if its a myth or not. Each subsequent shaving makes the hair come back a little bit thicker but if you wax the hair, a new hair follicle comes. If you still don't believe me, try this: shave your arm for a twice a week for a month or two, then let the hair grow 1-2inches and get it professionally waxed. The hair that grows back will be lighter, finer, and softer and you may even notice less hair growth. I wouldn't recommend this but if you shave your arms anyway, why not give it a try?

it shoulda tipped you off when her name was john

If she's that wonderful and you get along so well, then who cares about her appearance? She probably has a medical condition, and very self conscious of it- would probably bother her more than you.

As someone who onced suffered from facial hair, I can say you hit the nail on the head. It's extremely embarrassing.

He has to be somewhat attracted to her, and if that's a problem he can't get past, there are ways to fix it.

Yeah most people with poly cystic ovarian syndrome get facial hair

20 - That's why I had it. I believe the statistic is 1 in 10 women suffer from PCOS. Sometimes it's a mild case like really bad cramps or it's so severe, the woman can't bear children.

Yeah my sister has polycystic, and it's awful the things that someone people say to her- they don't see the beautiful person at all!