By Smoothskin - 19/09/2013 21:18 - Australia - Heidelberg

Today, I shaved my face after several months of growth. This would be OK if my 4-year-old daughter would still talk to me. Apparently she doesn't recognise me, and I'm scary. FML
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At least now you know that she won't talk to strangers!

epicRawrz 16

That's why you got to do the whole 'shave with daddy' thing and let her watch you.


At least now you know that she won't talk to strangers!

michaelaranda 28

But OP probably doesnt see it this way. OP, if you are a single parent, you are probably screwed. But if you arent, use your wife/ husband if ur gay to explain to your daughter that its just you and that its just hair that can grow back.

caohm 18

the ultimate game of peek a boo. she has no idea where Dad went or why this beardless man is now living with her.

next time let her watch you shave so she knows its you. but hey she knows stranger danger lol.

She's the opposite of the fear the beard moniker. She's more mean is clean and from woven to shaven

The same thing happened to me when I was little, I didn't recognize my dad when he shaved! It didn't take too long to figure out, and no psychological scars were made!

Just wanted to point out that kids are taught wrong out who to be cautious around. Teaching stranger danger is technically a bad idea as most likely if someone were to harm and or abduct a child it is someone the child know, like a family member. While it does happen with strangers, I don't think it's quite as often.

This happened to me with my grandfather when I was 4. No amount of everyone saying it was him would get me to relax. But don't worry, OP, eventually she'll come around; no physical change could hide my papa from me & your little girl will recognize her daddy soon enough.

This same thing happened with me and my Dad when I was quite little. He always had a moustache and suddenly he shaved it off one day. I wouldn't talk to him and told him he "wasn't my Daddy anymore" lol. I huffed for a couple days over it!

Again , can someone please explain to me why my comment was down voted?

epicRawrz 16

That's why you got to do the whole 'shave with daddy' thing and let her watch you.

But what if she actually tried shaving her face with a razor?

Tried that when I was little. Saw dad doing it, tried it on my own. Ended up slicing my upper lip. Lesson learned.

jw90 18

My dad had done this exact thing when I was about 4 and I didn't know who he was

MooseKnuckle5150 13

I've done this to all of my kids at one point or another. Nothing like some harmless trauma.

I remember when I was a kid, and my dad shaved his head for the first time. I was terrified, until he put his hat on. Then I was like "oh yeah, it's THAT guy!" Man, I was a dumb kid....

IworkAt711 14

My dad shaved off his moustache once when I was 4 and it was hard for me to recognize him. Small children just don't notice as many details as teens/adults.

Fear the beard. Thank you, I now know that my beard will scare children away. Never shaving again lol.

In this case, the problem is the LACK of beard...

You have very long play-offs in Australia.

TheDrifter 23

Aw, don't worry, it happens. My dad's had a beard my whole life, and one time when I was a teenager he came home clean shaven because his barber had goofed, and I was pretty much like, "O_______O No. Grow it back." XD

If she doesn't recognize you without a beard, you should probably shave more often

Gingerette 8

I can relate with OP's daughter's feelings. My dad always has a beard, until he doesn't, and then I cannot look at him without feeling strange. It's a lot like looking at a stranger.