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Today, my father told me to take the car and get some groceries. An hour and a half later, coming home with the groceries, I see the cops all around my house because my dad had called them, thinking that I had run away and stolen the car. FML
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rahulcool7 14

He seems like he is a very trusting guy


SpikyG 3

WTF. Dad=Fail (If he's not old)

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22, it all depends how far away the nearest grocery store is, and how much OP was picking up. If the nearest grocery store is 20 minutes away by car, and he has a lot to pick up, an hour and a half is not that unreasonable.

SpikyG 3

22. Don't you understand that the Internet is for noobs?

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57 - Think before posting a dick comment. 2 - I don't understand why you're getting thumbed down. Seems like a perfectly valid question.

blahblah0392 7

Ahh Alzheimer's Is memory loss...I don't think that's what happened

Could be exactly what happened.. Wouldn't be the first time.

kut17 11

No, you guys have it all wrong. OP's dad just wants him to move out of the house. If that means framing him and sending him to jail, so be it.

It doesn't sound like Alzheimer's at all, the dad remembered that his kid was out getting groceries, but because it took them a long time he kind of had a panic attack, I don't believe it has to do with him having a bad memory at all.

58- Never did it say that the dad remembered he asked his son to get the groceries. You are just assuming that, and it is more likely he did forget, which would be he got worried. From his perspective, assuming he forgot, his son just mysteriously disappeared for the past hour and a half.

Mearemoi 14

#58 - The FML said nothing about how OP's father remembered that OP went out to get groceries. For all we COULD have forgotten.

So you guys are also assuming, you believe that he has forgotten.

It's a pretty safe assumption the dad didn't remember because it's unlikely he'd panic and assume his son ran away after just an hour and a half.

rahulcool7 14

He seems like he is a very trusting guy

"Did I yell you it was okey to use my car without calling me and telling me every 10 second!? I THINK NOT" "Sorry dad, I just wanted to be a good son/daughter and help you for once" "NEXT TIME WALK!!!"

xXxIracebethxXx 14

^ Your comment wasn't funny. Also, fix your grammar, punctuation, and spelling. It's ******* terrible.

ant1ion 12

^ who's comment doesn't suck, to you?

xXxIracebethxXx 14

^ Comments that don't try too hard, don't state the complete obvious, and aren't full of stupid.

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Wow, 32, you sure have some nerve calling out people's comments for being boring or grammatically incorrect when yours aren't funny, witty, practical, or charming either. In fact, the only word I can think of to describe your comments is "tasteless." They add absolutely no value to the FML itself. Please do us all a favor and leave the FML community and seeing as all of your comments are downvoted into oblivion, I'm actually doing you a favor. You're welcome.

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#38 - You must have a pretty big ego if you think your comments are exactly what you said mine aren't. Haha, typical FML member thinking you're so grand. Yes, I have some nerve to be blunt, but hey, that's how I am. So get the **** off my ass, and move along. Thanks.

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Jeez 42, who pissed in your Cheerios this morning?

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#45 - I don't eat Cheerios. :)

gmc_blossom 21

46- Maybe if you did eat Cheerios you would be less of a bitch.

Why don't you both shush and read FML. There problem solved. Now move along people please.

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Oh well I tried, nobody is perfect and btw #26, I am not from an English speaking country therefore I don't have the most perfect English. This is FML, a place for us who don't take things so serious:) Have a laugh once in a while and you might not be as stif.

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#42 Wow. There is a difference between being blunt and being a stuck up bitch. Unfortuantly for you, you're just a stuck up bitch who really needs some Midol apparently. This isn't the place for little girls.

free2speak 14

=O OP's face when he/she got home

xXxIracebethxXx 14

24 - Were you present when OP arrived home and that's what enables you to "correctly" announce to the FML community what his/her expression was?

MasterTron 24

31 Where you there? Please tell me where you? No? Then shut the **** up and leave 24 alone.

free2speak 14

31, neither were you. So what's your point again? And since it is an FML, the shocked expression is quite fitting. It was also an appropriate response to the original comment seeing as how O.o would have been reader's face and :O would've been OP's face. So many reason to justify my comment. What's yours? And I see downvote fairies are doing what they're best at. Tsk tsk. Upvotes for everyone except you, 31. You get nothing.

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#35 - LOL, aren't you one to play hypocrite? Unless you were there, you can't justify the lack or non-lack of presence of either both of us. So you should shut the **** up as well, **** munch. Btw, it's were* not where. #36 - Oh, please. I couldn't care less about the infamy I gain on the Internet because of exactly that; it's the Internet. Down votes or up votes can go straight up your ass for all I care. I don't think I need a reason to justify my comment, seeing as others don't need to, when it involves stupidity and what not. TL;DR Version: Both of you get off your high horses and move the **** along. Sheesh.

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All of your comments point to one direction, 31, and that is to establish the fact that you're what is infamously referred to as a "troll." I refuse to engage your plain ignorance anymore for it would require me to stoop to your level and i shall not degrade myself like that. For everyone else reading this-- this is a public service announcement. A troll (#31) has been spotted. DO NOT feed the troll. I repeat, DO NOT feed the toll.

Aaaand scene! Great job, you guys. Really, you people are amazing. And so talented, so beautiful! Now let's all take 5. No but seriously, shut the hell up.

37, every comment I've seen from you, you've been a total bitch. Yes, this is the Internet, but so what? Being on the Internet isn't a get out a jail free card where you can throw all dignity and respect out the window. It's people like you that make the Internet really shirty.

Iracebeth, all you do is criticize other people's comments. Could this be because you lack the creativity to come up with something original of your own? And this is the second thread in which you've argued with speakfreely over some dumb shit. Looking at the comments' numbers I notice you were engaging in both arguments at the same time. You must be a pretty experienced troll to be able to multitask like that. This leads me to believe you must have a pretty pathetic life if you need to get your self esteem boost from cutting down strangers over the internet. Sorry. Hope things improve, along with your attitude.

Guys this is most likely a case of big bitch on net, little kid off net. Bitching at her won't change her. Thumb her down and wait for moderation.

*few2 speak. Sorry I remembered your name wrong when I was typing. I was close, at least.

Seems like your phone is kicking your ass lol.

Ha ha! I guess it is! Wiley little Samsung!

xXxIracebethxXx 14

Great, more FMLer's thinking I gain an ego boost through the Internet. *facepalm* Jeez.

94 I use a samsung lol. It's a droid charge a first model bleh.

Well if you don't want people to think that perhaps you should stop your pathetic attempts at bullying people. Just a suggestion.

How far was the store? Does you Dad have any problems with trust or memory?

oj101 33

One and a half hours is quite long just for getting groceries. Perhaps your dad shops little and often?

Really? I guess it depends on how many groceries you need to get, but my weekly grocery shopping usually takes about an hour, sometimes more.

And you also have to think about how far away the grocery store is.

It takes me a good two hours to get groceries, depending on how busy Walmart is. If it's really busy, two hours. If it's not quite so busy, a hour and a half usually. I live twenty minutes outside of town, so it takes me a while to get there anyway.

PhishloverA 14

Actually #7 sometimes it does take that long or maybe even longer

Apparently an hour an a half is long enough for OP's dad to assume he was never coming back.

Why would the cops be all around your house. He just reported a runaway child and a stolen vehicle. No more than 2 cop cars should show up. I'm wondering if your cops have nothing better to do.

Agreed. The OP's father should be charged with filing a false report. For wasting the police officers time, no matter how bored they were.

rahulcool7 14

Well it is not really a false report if he honestly thought it was stolen

More like Grand theft groceries. Grand theft auto = theft of automobiles.

Yes, but OP didn't steal groceries, he supposedly stole the car while getting groceries :)