By Amberain - 16/08/2012 15:16 - United Kingdom - Widnes

Today, I was enjoying a romantic cuddle on the couch with my boyfriend, when he suddenly decided to lift up my shirt, stick his face into my boobs, and go all Darth Vader on me. This included heavy breathing and phrases such as, "Amber... I am your boyfriend." FML
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OP, At least he didn't say he was your father...

11, you're still on the first page, why not leave a comment without it being a reply?

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11-I have never once seem you actually reply to something. I'm not one to shout, "threat jacker" but at least make an attempt to look like you're trying to tie something in to your reply. Otherwise, it looks like you're just trying to be seen and thumbed.

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In my opinion OPs boyfriend sounds awesome!

76 - I'd like to point out that he isn't "trying", he's "succeeding". Don't worry; I hate thread jackets, too.

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It doesn't suck. It only shows that her boyfriend has a good personality.

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2 Your spelling sucks. I feel sry for you.

Yeah, and what's the dark side? *ba dum tss*

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92- Silly Dashizam, rim shots are for funny jokes.

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At least he didn't call you Luke and say he's your father. Then that would be really weird.

It's better than speaking like Yoda and saying "Suck you ****, I shall", don't you think?

The emperor will never approve of this! Contact him immediately!